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Safety information

Please note the following safety instructions when working with calcium cyanamide:

  • Keep out of the reach of children!
  • Do not consume any alcoholic drinks before, during and after working with calcium cyanamide
  • Do not eat, drink or smoke when using it
  • Wash hands before breaks and immediately after handling the product
  • Shower or bathe at the end of work
  • Avoid breathing in dust! If there are large amounts of dust use a half mask with a particle filter (DIN EN 149 FFP2)
  • Avoid contact with the eyes and avoid skin contact! (wear suitable, long-sleeved protective clothing and protective goggles)
  • If the product gets in the eyes immediately rinse them with lots of water for several minutes (seek medical attention)
  • Prevent animals from consuming calcium cyanamide


Classification of calcium cyanamide / PERLKA®:

  • Nonhazardous goods in terms of transport regulations
  • Water hazard class 2
  • Signal word: Danger
  • GHS hazard statements: H302, H315, H317, H318, H335, H412, P261, P280, P301+P312, P302 + P352, P304 + P340, P305 + P351 + P338


Notes on fire protection:

  • PERLKA® calcium cyanamide are neither self-combustible nor incendiary
  • Intense heat exposure can result in decomposition with ammonia and nitrous gases formed as a result
  • If fire breaks out at a storage facility or in the storage building wear a self-contained breathing apparatus and chemical protective suit
  • Suitable extinguishing agent: Extinguishing powder, water spray, dry sand.


In the event of fire or decomposition please contact our Trostberg plant immediately. Phone: +49 8621 86-2776
Always follow the instructions in our  Safety Data Sheet!

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