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Responsible use of our most valuable asset

Quality & Environment

We want to be a responsible and profitable chemical company in Bavaria. Our employees, our products and the Upper Bavarian region are the focus of our activities. We embrace this challenge and address the issues of environment, safety, health and quality. Based on our integrated management system and through a continuous improvement of our processes and products we create the environment to achieve these goals.

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Here the focus is on our employees, our products and the region.

We stand for quality. We stand for the environment.

One key aspect of our corporate strategy is a comprehensive approach to environmental protection and quality assurance for our products.

Our success as a company depends on the quality of our products, the services that our employees provide and the customer satisfaction that results from our approach.

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR means responsible behavior with respect to sustainable development.


The integration of social and ecological concerns into the operating activities plays an essential role, as well as the relationship to stakeholders, including employees, customers, investors and government.

Ecovadis assesses and rates suppliers concerning their CSR behavior already for several years on behalf of leading companies in the chemical industry. Alzchem managed to improve its rating continuously over the last years and was again awarded with a gold medal by Ecovadis in 2023 as in previous years.

Alzchem now belongs to the top 2 % of suppliers rated by Ecovadis in the chemical industry.

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Our environment

As one of the founding members of the first and second “Bavarian Environmental Agreement” we feel particularly committed to the principles of “Sustainable Economic Growth in the 21st century”. The main idea of this Agreement is to combine the efforts of the Bavarian state and the Bavarian industry in order to achieve a long lasting environmentally compatible economic development.

Through discussions with our customers, neighbors, employees, environmental associates and politicians we can offer responsible solutions. Together we will improve the conditions at our plant sites and increase the efficiency of our manufacturing processes. The involvement of our employees concerning environment, safety, health and quality matters is of highest importance.

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Quality and Certificates

Our goal is to satisfy our customers because they are the prerequisite for the economic success of our company. Excellent quality, the best service and competitive pricing ensure the satisfaction of our customers. Based on our integrated management system and through a continuous improvement of our processes and products we create the environment to achieve these goals.

ISO 9001, 14001, 17025, EMAS (environment) and OHRIS (safety) certifications as well as numerous customer audits provide proof of our high quality standards.


SiteTrostbergSchalchenHartWaldkraiburgNordic Carbide (Sundsvall)
ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015
(quality and environmental management)
ISO 50001:2018 / energy managementXXXX 
ISO/IEC 27001:2013 / information security managementXXXX 
ISO/IEC TR 27019 IT security catalogue (SiKat)XXX  
ISO/IEC 17025 (Prüflaboratorien)X    
EMAS III / environmental managementXXXX 
The Environmental Pact of BavariaXXXX 
OHRIS / work safety manangementXXXX 
OHSAS / Occupational Health- and Safety Assessment Series    X
FSSC 22000X    
HACCP CertificateX    
FAMI-QS CodeX    
BfR XXXVI regulation:
ISEGA Certificate
EFB / waste managementX    
(Authorized Economic Operator)
Ecovadis Business Sustainability CertificateXXXX 
BME Code of Conduct / certificateX    
ECM / entity in charge of maintenance certificate  X  
ECM / Technical Assessment by VPI  X  
ECM / Qualified supplier of Deutsche Bahn for maintenance of wagons, risk class high  X  
Certificate of AccreditationX    
Climate protection certificateXXXX 
Module D according to European Directive 2014/28/EU (BAM)   X 
Certificate of Compliance FFC60 X    

Information on transport and shipping packaging

The document "Recycling code for shipping and transport packaging" contains the recycling codes (according to Commission Decision 97/129/EC) of the shipping and transport packaging used.


Tested safety for the sustained development and production of chemicals

Alzchem AG will meet all relevant chemical requirements of the EU and Germany for the production and testing of our products pursuant to the regulations of the chemicals legislation (REACH) of the European Union,.

Safety requirements for the use of our chemicals are always current and are provided to our customers in our MSDS. We take our responsibility seriously and through regular monitoring of their compliance, also expect the same degree of responsibility from our suppliers and sub-contractors.

Based on our certified integrated management system we continuously monitor the environmental and healthful impact of our products, regarding both manufacture and use.


AlzChem is a member in the following industrial memberships:

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