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Areas of application

Well positioned.
In the middle of life

Landwirtschaft, nasse Weizen

With our special products, we contribute to successful and sustainable production in the agricultural industry worldwide.

Animal Nutrition
Feder orange, weiß

Creamino® is a feed additive for animals that is used for the synthesis of creatine after absorption into the body. Creamino® therefore provides additional energy for healthy growth.

Human Nutrition
Braunes Auge

The nutrition segment comprises the marketing of high-quality products for food and sports nutrition, dietary supplements and for the production of cosmetics.

Frau schaut Pille genau an

Our products enable the extraction of DNA and RNA in molecular diagnostics, such as in the currently widely used Covid-19 PCR test kits. We offer both guanidine salts in highest quality.

Fine Chemistry
Moleküle blau

On the basis of coal, lime and air, we build a widely ramified product family tree via calcium carbide and calcium cyanamide.


In the field of metallurgy, Alzchem's strength and expertise lies in our many years of experience, our in-depth metallurgical know-how, our very large production capacity and our excellent customer relationships.

Renewable energies
Windrad weiß

Alzchem sees itself well positioned to participate extensively in this development with products for hydrogen-powered vehicles, for lightweight construction and wind energy.

Custom synthesis
Kundensynthese Technik mit weiß lila Kreisen

We have decades of deep market and customer understanding and stable supply chains.

Verbund Production

The main products of the Alzchem Group are based on the same raw materials, namely lime and coal. Along the calcium carbide/calcium cyanamide (NCN) chain, Alzchem integrates many processing and refining steps to create the respective products in the Basics & Intermediates and Specialty Chemicals segments. This vertical integration in production is a key strength of the Alzchem Group. It is only made possible by the geographical proximity of the four historically grown sites in the Bavarian Chemical Triangle.

The “Verbund Production” allows Alzchem to react flexibly to changes in demand, as many products from the Basics & Intermediates segment are also raw materials for products in the Specialty Chemicals segment. In addition, there are various synergies in the production process and in research and development. The “Verbund Production” secures the company a high degree of independence from external suppliers.

Produktbaum Alzchem
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