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Pure Results

How slurry storage can be climate-friendly

New product film Eminex®

Eminex® is an additive for manure and biogas fermentation residues, which is added during storage. 


Annual Report 2022

Alzchem Group AG achieves highest sales in the company’s history in the fiscal year 2022 with EUR 542.2 million (+28.4%).

High energy prices and the difficult-to-understand implementation of EU regulations for chemicals

EU Member of Parliament Maria Noichl visits Alzchem

Trostberg - Under the leadership of Maria Noichl, Member of the European Parliament, and SPD district chairman and state parliament candidate Sepp Parzinger, a delegation from the Trostberg SPD local association visited Alzchem Group AG.

Eminex® brings many advantages

Reduction of methane emissions during slurry and digestate fermentation stora

In the current situation of increasing gas shortages and exploding mineral fertiliser prices, biogas production as well as optimal fertilisation with liquid manure and biogas digestate are once again becoming the focus of attention.

Our proven intermediate products

The path to sustainable agri solutions and pharmaceutical applications

We supply customer-oriented applications for agri solutions and the pharmaceutical market and thereby concentrate on clearly defined target markets.

The future asks questions

The Alzchem Group provides answers. Through brands and products of the highest quality and through sustainable visions for actively shaping global development.

Current insights

What moves us.
Topics in focus.

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Highest sales in the company’s history in the fiscal year 2022.

REPORTS FOR INVESTORS: Quarter Results/third quarter of 2022

Strong sales growth of 31.4% in the 9-month period 2022.

Reports for Investors: Half-year Financial Report 2022

Increase consolidated sales from EUR 215.3 million to EUR 269.8 million.

REPORTS FOR INVESTORS: Quarter Results/first quarter of 2022

Record sales of EUR 129.4 million (+24%) in the first quarter of 2022.


New record levels for sales, EBITDA and annual result in the fiscal year 2021.

Act! The Alzchem Group is setting a new example.

With a new logo embeddet in a new corporate identity, Alzchem Group AG is flying the flag.

Sustainable growth through research and development

To strengthen our team, we are looking for committed employees for our research and development department.


We consistently measure and improve all environmental and social aspects of our business activities.

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Areas of application

Well positioned.
In the middle of life


With our special products, we contribute to successful and sustainable production in the agricultural industry worldwide.

Animal Nutrition

Creamino® is a feed additive for animals that is used for the synthesis of creatine after absorption into the body. Creamino® therefore provides additional energy for healthy growth.

Human Nutrition

The nutrition segment comprises the marketing of high-quality products for food and sports nutrition, dietary supplements and for the production of cosmetics.


Our products enable the extraction of DNA and RNA in molecular diagnostics, such as in the currently widely used Covid-19 PCR test kits. We offer both guanidine salts in highest quality.

Fine Chemistry

On the basis of coal, lime and air, we build a widely ramified product family tree via calcium carbide and calcium cyanamide.


In the field of metallurgy, Alzchem's strength and expertise lies in our many years of experience, our in-depth metallurgical know-how, our very large production capacity and our excellent customer relationships.

Renewable energies

Alzchem sees itself well positioned to participate extensively in this development with products for hydrogen-powered vehicles, for lightweight construction and wind energy.

Custom synthesis

We have decades of deep market and customer understanding and stable supply chains.

Product highlights

Solutions arise from doing

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High-tech pigments for top brands are just the beginning

discover our broad portfolio of sophisticated nitriles. Precisely tailored to your requirements on request.

Your investment in results.

High purity guanidine salts for biotechnological, diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications.

Good for agriculture. Good for the climate.

Long-term suppression of methane and CO2 emissions during slurry storage

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Facts and figures

Ready for the next 100 years


Team members for research & development

R&D is the foundation of everything we do. Knowledge and insights, improvements to existing processes and continued competitiveness are the result of an integrated R&D team.


Production sites

Alzchem produces at a total of four sites in the Southeast Bavarian chemical triangle and at the site in Sundsvall (Sweden). Our sales companies are in Atlanta (USA), Shanghai (China) and Coventry (England).


Million euros Sales 2022

Leading market positions in selected niche markets. R&D focus on products that benefit from megatrends.

Career and jobs

The future in view

The Alzchem Group is an employer that not only offers its employees an excellent corporate culture, but can also convince them with numerous benefits.

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