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Great stable climate and sustainable protection against flies with Alzogur®

No more flies and dysentery in pig farming!

The liquid manure underneath slatted floors holds numerous risks for successful pig farming: not only are many pathogens able to survive in the manure and remain viable and infectious for several months, it is also an ideal breeding ground for flies. Flies are not only a nuisance for the animals, they also transmit dangerous pathogens from the slurry channel.

However, Alzogur® is at hand to eradicate fly larvae (Musca domestica) and dysentery (B. hyodysenteriae) from liquid manure, creating a beneficial climate in the pig house and provides sustaining protection against flies and dysentery.

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Alzogur® Film

What is Alzogur®

Alzogur® is a biocide for treating liquid manure in pig houses. It is used to eradicate fly larvae with sustaining effect and to kill dysentery pathogens in the slurry.

In connection with dysentery, Alzogur® plays an important role in both the decontamination of affected farms and prophylactic treatment.

Once slurry treated with Alzogur® has been spread on the fields, Alzogur® is converted into forms of nitrogen that are readily available to plants and thus acts as an effective plant nutrient.

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Alzogur® is a biocide and must therefore be stored in its original container, which must be kept away from direct sunlight and stored at temperatures not exceeding 20°C. The container must be kept out of reach of children and away from food, beverages and animal feeds.

Alzogur® has a limited shelf life; please refer to the expiry date shown on the container.

Always comply with the information provided in our safety data sheet!

We are happy to send you a copy upon request.

  • Alzogur® is a biocide and must therefore not be applied via a high-pressure cleaner or backpack sprayer, as this may result in harmful aerosols.
  • Users must not consume alcohol before, during and 24 hours after handling and applying Alzogur®.
  • The intake of Alzogur® may be harmful to health, and any unnecessary contact with this biocide must therefore be avoided.
  • Only persons concerned with applying Alzogur® may access the pig house during Alzogur® application. Others, in particular children, and pets such as dogs or cats must not enter the pig house.
  • Never use Alzogur® in stocked or partially stocked pig houses.

Use and apply with the utmost caution and wear appropriate personal protective equipment:

  • ProChem® IC protective suit (or equivalent type of protective suit as per EN 14605)
  • Rubber boots (EN 13832)
  • Protective gloves (EN 374)
  • Tightly sealing goggles

Always comply with the information provided in our safety data sheet!


Alzogur® is a biocide for treating liquid manure. Alzogur® reliably controls fly larvae in their breeding grounds, that is in liquid manure. This effectively eradicates these disease carriers and contributes to healthy pig house hygiene.

Alzogur® is particularly important in combatting swine dysentery, as it eliminates the pathogen Brachyspira hyodysenteriae from liquid manure and thus breaks the infectious cycle.

The active substance of Alzogur® gradually decomposes in liquid manure over a period of several months, but once the manure has been spread on the field, it is broken down completely into nitrogen compounds readily available to plants within a matter of days.

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Dysentery? No, thanks!

Dysentery pathogens (Brachyspira hyodysenteriae) are excreted with faeces and can remain viable and infectious for up to 8 months in liquid manure, continuing to spread infections again and again. Slurry accumulating underneath slatted floors is an ideal breeding ground for flies, which transmit the pathogens back to the pigs. A comprehensive approach to pig house hygiene is therefore essential if the fight against dysentery is to have a lasting effect!

  • Optimise farming conditions, pig house hygiene and climate.
  • Fight rats, mice and flies, all of which spread dysentery.
  • Use Alzogur® to eliminate dysentery pathogens and fly larvae in liquid manure.

Alzogur® has a long track record as a reliable agent that effectively combats dysentery and fly larvae. Alzogur® yields reliable, sustaining effects and is easy to apply.

Alzogur® effectively combats flies (Musca domestica) before they even fly!

Flies (Musca domestica) are an unpleasant nuisance in pig houses, both for humans working there, and for animals. Pesky flies cause restlessness among animals, which in turn results in poorer performance or even abnormal animal behaviour, including savaging behaviours, which can occur due to excessive numbers of flies. But that is not all: flies carry and transmit a variety of infectious diseases (Hellwig, 2000).

Infectious diseases transmitted by flies:

Disease Agent Clinical picture
Swine erysipelas Bacteria Abortions and stillbirths, among others
Leptospirosis Bacteria Impaired fertility
Pasteurellosis Bacteria Respiratory tract infections
Foot-and-mouth disease Viruses Death, among others
Swine fever Viruses unspecific
Salmonellosis Bacteria Diarrhoea, among others

E. coli infections

Bacteria Diarrhoea, among others
Coccidiosis Single-cell organisms Diarrhoea
Nematode infections Parasites Underperformance
Aujeszky´s disease Viruses Unspecific
Brucellosis Bacteria Irregular return to oestrus, abortions
Dysentery Bacteria Bloody diarrhoea

(Hellwig, 2000)


The correct application of Alzogur® is essential not only for successful treatment, but also for the safety of humans and animals.

It is therefore imperative that you read the directions for use on the packaging label.

IMPORTANT: Always wear personal protective equipment when preparing and spreading the Alzogur® solution and when rinsing off Alzogur®!

1. Remove all animals from the pig house

Animals must not come into contact with Alzogur® at any time, and it is therefore imperative that all animals are cleared from the pig house prior to application. Ensure that pets such as cats or dogs are also kept out of the pig house while Alzogur® is being applied.


2. Thoroughly clean the pig house

Clean the pig house with water. Thoroughly clean slatted floors with a high-pressure cleaner to ensure that surfaces are entirely free from manure and feed residue. Break up surface crusts in slurry channels and drain liquid manure as far as possible.


3. Prepare the Alzogur® solution

Alzogur® is always diluted with water for use (= in-use solution).
The actual dilution rate depends on the volume of slurry residue present and the purpose of treatment (i.e. combating flies or dysentery pathogens).
(For details on Alzogur® application rates and dilution ratios see the packaging label or refer to the “Application rates” section.)
The product should be diluted by measuring the required amount of Alzogur® into a beaker, transferring the product into a watering can and then carefully adding water to fill the can.
When using the specially designed Alzogur® dispenser cart to apply the product, prepare the in-use solution directly in the dispenser cart tank.
Hose any spilled Alzogur® residues into the slurry channel before it dries.


4. Apply Alzogur®

Alzogur® is applied to the damp pig house floor immediately after cleaning. If the floor has dried, the surface must be dampened again.
Apply the Alzogur® in-use solution evenly to slatted floors in coarse droplets, using a watering can or the lance on the Alzogur® dispenser cart.
NEVER USE high-pressure cleaners, backpack sprayers or similar devices. The solution must be applied in coarse droplets, without pressure, to prevent aerosol formation and thus ensure its safe application.
Do not treat walls or troughs. Alzogur® is stained blue to allow treated surfaces to be easily identified.
Alzogur® is only effective if it is applied in sufficient concentration. The solution must be evenly distributed to be optimally effective.


5. Rinse slatted floors

Leave the treated surfaces briefly, about 30-60 minutes, being careful not to allow the in-use solution to dry, then rinse the solution into the slurry channel with a hose, applying NO PRESSURE. NEVER use a high-pressure cleaner! Rinse until all traces of blue have disappeared.


6. Leave the pig house to dry

After rinsing, leave the pig house to dry before disinfecting surfaces as usual.


7. Stock animals

The pig house can then be safely stocked with animals.

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