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Deoxidation, desulphurisation and slag reduction

Calcium Carbide

Alzchem produces calcium carbide from lime, coke and electrical energy at various locations in Europe.

During production, the raw materials lime and coke are mixed and heated to over 2000 degrees Celsius. The reaction takes place using an electric arc in our low-shaft furnaces and is very energy-intensive.

In metallurgy, our customers value calcium carbide for treating alkaline slags and reducing dissolved metals. Acetylene, which is produced on contact with water, is valued for very high welding temperatures. No other hydrocarbon enables such high local welding temperatures.

Brückenbau mit gelben Gerüst
Calcium carbide for countless applications

Application advantages

  • High potential for cost savings
  • Lowest S content and high sulphur capacity of the slag
  • Recovery of Cr, Mn, Si, Fe from the slag
  • Improved degree of purity due to gaseous deoxidation products
Areas of application

Applications of calcium carbide

One of the main applications of calcium carbide is the production of acetylene gas according to the following reaction:

CaC2(s) + 2H2O(l) -> C2H2(g) + Ca(OH)2(s)

In addition to its use as a basic component in the chemical industry, acetylene is used as a fuel gas for cutting and welding. Acetylene is not only the hottest burning standard welding gas but also the most efficient gas, as it requires the least oxygen for combustion.

C2H2(g) + 2.5O2(g) -> 2CO2(g) + H2O(g)

Metallurgie Funken sprühen

Calcium carbide of the highest quality

Alzchem produces calcium carbide in very good quality with an average gas yield of 300 litres/kg calcium carbide.

The product is packed in TurnBin containers (various types) or in 100 kg steel drums. For optimum utilisation of freight space, 9 drums can be placed on a pallet and can therefore be loaded onto a truck or into a sea container to save space. Customers' own containers authorised for the transport of calcium carbide can also be filled at Alzchem or Nordic Carbide.

Nordic Carbide
Nordic Carbide AB – Turnbin instruction

Here you can find our products

Brückenbau mit gelben Gerüst
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