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Innovative since 1908.

We go back a long way.

In 1908, the large water power of the Alz was the primary reason for the choice of location for the energy-based calcium carbide and calcium cyanamide production. The company at that time operated under the name Bayerische Stickstoff-Werke AG. The merger of this company with Bayerische Kraftwerke AG and Donauwerke AG in 1939 to form Süddeutsche Kalkstickstoff-Werke AG, later SKW Trostberg AG and Degussa GmbH, laid the foundations for Alzchem's current production facilities.

Our activities are characterized by the vision of being a good partner, employer, trainer and neighbor. This self-image is a good reason for us to take the responsibility for our company very seriously.



Dr. Adolph Frank and Dr. Nikodem Caro succeed in binding nitrogen from the air with calcium carbides (nitrogenation).


Dr. Albert Frank recognizes the benefits of using calcium cyanamide as a fertilizer.


Bayerische Stickstoffwerke AG (BStW) is founded, with head offices in Munich.


Construction of the Trostberg calcium carbide plant, the carbide plant in Schalchen, the works canal and two hydropower plants in Trostberg and Schalchen.


Construction of the plants at Piesteritz and Chorzow (Upper Silesia), and the carbide plant in Hart plus the hydropower plant at Hirten.


Bayerische Kraftwerke AG is founded, with head offices in Berlin.


Company renamed Süddeutsche Kalkstickstoff-Werke AG, with head offices at Trostberg.

starting 1945

Establishment of premium value-added product ranges in the metallurgy and NCN chemistry segments.


The company moves into construction chemicals with the concrete plasticizer MELMENT®.


Construction of the Muenchsmuenster petrochemical plant.


The company goes international with production facilities at Bécancour/Quebec in Canada.


Company’s name is changed to SKW Trostberg AG.


Company moves into the nature products business with hop extraction.


Sister plant at Piesteritz transfers back to SKW.


SKW is listed on the stock market.


Acquisition of Sanofi Bio-lndustries S.A.Paris (SBI), Master Builders Technologies (MBT) and Goldschmidt AG. As a result of these mergers SKW expands its nature products, construction chemicals and performance chemistry segments.


Merger of Degussa Hüls AG with SKW Trostberg AG to form the new Degussa AG.


Founding of SKW Stahl Holding GmbH.


Sale of SKW Piesteritz Holding GmbH. Inauguration of the Construction Chemicals Competence Center (German landscape architecture prize 2003) with a professorship at the Technical University Munich.


RAG Group becomes new majority shareholder.


Merger of the Alz sites at Trostberg, Schalchen, Hart and Waldkraiburg into Alzchem Holding GmbH. The Construction Chemicals segment is sold to BASF.


bluO Fonds becomes new shareholder.


Company changes its legal form to become Alzchem AG, concentrating heavily on the new markets of renewable energy, nutrition and the pharmaceutical industry.

2013 the shares are taken over by the bluO partners
2014 Acquisition of SKW Metallurgy Sweden AB, renamed Nordic Carbide AB
2015 Alzchem invests in a dedicated CreAMINO® production facility
2017 Alzchem incorporated into the listed company Alzchem Group AG (formerly Softmatic AG)

Alzchem Group AG new Group parent company of Alzchem Group


Productionstart of investment projects Creamino® and Nitrile

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