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Best range of intermediates for the automotive industry


A car is being manufactured and Alzchem is involved with the following products:

  • With our products, CaD®, Calzot® and CalciPro®, from the metallurgy sector, we are significantly involved in the production of every steel component of a car with our additives.
  • Guanidine nitrate & nitroguanidine (NIGU®) are used in the automotive sector, as propellants for gas generators to trigger airbags, seatbelt tensioners, active head restraints and battery disconnecting devices. Furthermore, they are also used in pedestrian protection systems for motor vehicles.
  • Dicyandiamide is used in the production of high-efficiency fibres for modern air filters and semiconductor plates for LED headlights.
  • Many nitriles (NITRALZ®) serve as key raw materials in the production of pigments, which play a major role above all in the production of car paints. The largest and probably best known representative of this class is Pigment Red 254, also known in the industry as Ferrari Red.
  • Looking to the future, Alzchem is developing an optimised ceramic powder "Silzot® HQ" for metal-ceramic substrates that function as circuit carriers in electro mobility.
  • The DYHARD® SYS product range includes an improved epoxy resin system for hydrogen mobility. Alzchem is thus intensifying its position in the field of renewable energies and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. 
Auto rote Pigmente

Our intermediate products for an innovative and sustainable automotive industry

We combine our integrated production network with innovative products for the automotive industry. This gives us a clear focus on global trends such as sustainability and climate change.

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Guanidin Nitrat & Nitroguanidin (NIGU®)
Nitriles (Nitralz®)
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