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Made from 100% renewable raw materials

Results after only 13 days

Reduced herbicide application rate + BREAK-THRU® SP 133 shows a higher biological effect 13 days after application than the full application rate (250ml/ha) of the herbicide alone.

Experiment: Grass herbicide plus BREAK-THRU® SP 133 Effect in % on Lolium multiflorum (Italian ryegrass) 13 days after application

Break-Trhu Versuch Gräser

Note: Always use the required application rate, follow the label and safety data sheet of the crop protection products used. Always comply with the principles of good agricultural practice.

GEP: yes
Place of experiment: Carmagnola, Piemont, Italy
Culture: Winter wheat
Type: “Palesio”
Repetitions: 4
Herbicide: Topic 240 EC (Clodinafop 240 g/L)
Application date: May 09, 2017 (BBCH 15)
Water expenditure: 300 L/ha

® = Registered trade mark of Evonik Industries AG or its affiliates

Please note that we currently only sell this product in Germany and Austria.


Product Group: Additives

BREAK-THRU® SP 133 is an adhesive and penetrant that is known for its excellent adhesion and slow but remarkable spreading on difficult to wet materials.
BREAK-THRU® SP 133 reliably transfers active ingredients through the wax layer into the plant.

Left: BREAK-THRU® SP 133                                               

Right: Water

Blattstruktur mit Wasser
Proof of origin: Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH, Essen

Advantages of BREAK-THRU® SP 133:

  • Additive for improved distribution and utilization of plant protection products and leaf fertilizers
  • Sticker
  • Penetrator
  • Drift reducer
  • Very good plant compatibility
  • Low foaming tendency
  • Stable in both acidic and alkaline spray solutions

Differences to many conventional additives:

  • Sticker/penetrator from renewable raw materials
  • 100% mixture of fatty acid esters
  • Easily biodegradable
  • Not classified as a hazardous substance

The product complies with the following regulations/guidelines:

  • Included in the Input list for organic processing in Germany
  • Included in the Input list for organic processing in Germany
  • Demeter Germany
  • Demeter International
  • Ecovin Germany
  • Gäa Germany
  • Naturland Germany
  • VO (EG) 834/2007
  • The restrictions stated in the directive “VO (EG) 834/2007” also apply to the other directives listed

General notes

Drift of pesticides


Reduction of drift losses

  • More efficient application of plant protection products
  • Prevents drift and increases wetting


The drift increases the proportion of the crop protection spray solution which is sprayed onto neighboring areas in the form of spray mist during application.

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Abdrift Wasser von oben
Without BREAKT-THRU® SP 133
Abdrift Wasser von oben
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BREAK-THRU® SP 133 breaks the liquid film earlier after leaving the nozzle. This results in larger droplets and a smaller number of particles at risk of drifting. With larger droplets, optimal wetting is still guaranteed, as BREAK-THRU® SP 133 significantly reduces the surface tension and thus improves the distribution of the spray solution on the plant.


Reduction of drift due to BREAK-THRU® SP 133:

Wind tunnel experiments at the University of Nebraska, US

Break Thru SP 133 Diagramm zur Verteilung der Tröpfchengröße

Improved adhesion of spray droplets

  • Increased adhesion and retention on surfaces that are difficult to wet
  • Adhesion and retention are comparable to those of trisiloxanes (BREAK-THRU® S 301, for example)
  • Reduction of spray stains

Left: BREAK-THRU® SP 133                                 

Right: Wasser

Blattstruktur mit Wasser
Proof of origin: Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH, Essen, Germany
Precondition for success


The correct application of BREAK-THRU® SP 133 is the prerequisite for the success of using the product. Before using it, please observe the instructions for use on the label of the sales container.

300 - 400 ml/ha

In a tank mixture with herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, growth regulators and foliar fertilizers


Veronika Pfaffenberger

Veronika Pfaffenberger

Sales Managerin Österreich

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