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DYHARD® - every day, everywhere

Glass or carbon fabrics are impregnated with a mix of epoxy resin, hardeners and accelerators. These so called prepregs are pre-cured and subsequently stored at low temperatures. Next, after they have been cut to size, they are hardened in a mould at temperatures between 100°C and 140°C in an autoclave or press. These types of composites are used, for example, in the aviation and automotive industries, in the production of rotor blades for wind power stations and for manufacturing sports equipment such as bicycle frames, tennis rackets and golf clubs.


DYHARD® product range
Hardeners DYHARD® 100S, 100SH
Latente accelerators DYHARD® UR200, UR300, UR400, UR500
DYHARD® URAcc13, URAcc 57
Non-latente accelerators DYHARD® MI-FF, MI-C, PI-FF, PI
Hardener pastes DYHARD® D50EP, DF50EP
Accelerator pastes DYHARD® A2M30, A5M30



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Jörg Brinkmann

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