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31.08.2022, Alzchem, Nutritional Products

Alzchem and Crearene develop treatments for the dialysis market

Joint Press Release Alzchem and Crearene

Alzchem Group AG and Crearene AG, based in Frauenfeld in Switzerland, have agreed on an exclusive memo of understanding (MOU) for the development and commercialization of Creapure®/creatine-based treatment solutions in dialysis.

Dialysis is a treatment method which is applied for patients with a compromised kidney function, and which removes toxins, waste substances and salts from the blood.

Dr. Jürgen Bezler (Vice President, Human Nutrition, Alzchem): “The improvement of the quality of life for dialysis patients is the target of this very promising cooperation with Crearene AG. Scientific research and numerous studies demonstrate that dialysis patients structurally suffer from low concentrations of creatine. Furthermore, they lose additional significant amounts of the body-own substance creatine during dialysis treatments and hence cope with drastic health impediments, such as increased muscle loss, extreme fatigue, weakening of the immune system and stressful psychological conditions, e. g. depressions. This is where the new treatment solution with Creapure®/creatine can add value. This therapeutic area will provide another attractive market opportunity for Alzchem in the health care industry.”

Dr. Frank Heideloff (CEO, Crearene AG) explains: “Today, there are more than 3 million dialysis patients in the world who rely on regular treatment. In some established healthcare markets, governments have highlighted a need for increased efforts in research to bring to market innovations for a better life for dialysis patients. Together with Alzchem we are working on enabling new treatment solutions to improve the overall quality of life, the general physical conditions and wellbeing of the increasing number of global dialysis patients. The patented know-how of Crearene, result of many years of research on the use of creatine, in combination with the manufacturing excellence of Alzchem are an excellent base for this undertaking.”

further information about our product Creapure®

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