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Schwein in den Händen von einem Bauer

The first weeks of life are crucial for the further development of the piglet. The days around weaning represent the most critical time in the life of a piglet. During this phase, the future constitution of the body is defined, with implications for subsequent animal performance and health.


The weaned piglet is confronted with various stressful situations. Separation from the mother and her milk deprives the piglet of its primary source of energy (and creatine). The piglet's diet changes from milk to solids, being mostly a vegetarian feed. In addition, feed intake and associated energy levels normally drop for several days. Well fed animals can cope with all these challenges. Creamino® as a creatine source can also complete the formulation of modern weaning diets to support piglets during this critical phase.

Schweine saugen Milch bei der Mutter

In the early stages of a piglet's life, growth mainly relates to muscle mass. Since creatine plays an important role in the energy metabolism of muscle cells (>95% of all creatine in the body is found in skeletal muscle), an adequate supply of creatine must be ensured, especially after sow milk as an important creatine source is eliminated. Creatine also stabilizes the integrity of (muscle) cells, allowing the young animal to maintain healthy growth.

Adding Creamino® as a creatine source to piglet feed improves energy metabolism and, as a result, daily weight gain and feed conversion. Creatine ensures high ATP levels in the cells and thus cellular energy metabolism.

Creamino® is approved for piglets in most countries in the following regions:

  • Africa
  • Asia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Oceania

Technical Data


            Weight gain:        10-20%

            Feed conversion: 2-10%



            Weight gain:             2.7%

            Feed conversion:     2.5%

            Lean meat content: 1.5%



            Guanidinoacetic acid:   96 % (min.)

            Water:                             1 % (max.)



  • excellent mixing properties
  • high flowability
  • non clumping
  • no segregation
  • not hygroscopic
  • dust-free
  • heat resistant (up to 130 °C, extrusion)



Digestibility:   100 %  

Arginine:         149 %

AMEN:             83.000 - 166.000 kcal/kg (347-694 MJ/kg)

Creatine:         1120 g/kg



Weaned piglets:                       0.12%

Fattening pig:                           0.12%

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