Creapure® Production – How we produce the world's purest creatine

The Creapure® production video is now also available in English. For all those English-speaking people, this means leaning back, having a look at the production process and having it explained in English instead of reading the subtitles!

Creapure® is the GOLD STANDARD for creatine on the market. It is 100% made in Germany which is the only source of creatine manufactured outside of China.

Careful selection of raw materials, manufacturing to GMP regulations, and precise analytical control ensure products of the highest purity. Creapure® is the brand of creatine monohydrate manufactured in Germany by AlzChem Trostberg GmbH. Our plant is located in Trostberg in Bavaria. We make Creapure® in a purpose-built plant that sets the highest standards in terms of quality, purity and safety. Creatine in general is a substance which appears in the body naturally and is vital to providing a fast supply of energy. Creapure® is an economical form of supplementary creatine. About 90% of it is stored in muscle. Compared to other types of creatine, Creapure® has received by far the greatest amount of scientific study and is proven to be both safe and effective. Not all creatine supplements have the same stringent manufacturing standards as Creapure®. Creapure® is vegan and exclusively manufactured by chemical synthesis. Raw materials and intermediates are not derived from animal or herbal products resulting in no traces that may have originated from animal or herbal byproducts. In addition, Creapure® is produced in compliance with Jewish and Muslim food regulations - and is both Kosher and Halal certified. With genuine Creapure® from Germany you can be absolutely sure that you are getting the best and the safest product. If you buy a creatine product, make sure there is a Creapure®-Logo on the packaging! Creapure® is an ingredient brand and you will find our creatine-monohydrate MADE IN GERMANY in a wide range of nutrition products! For further information, please visit:


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