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Creapure® - Market Growth in Brazil

Brazil has a young and growing population. At the same time, the increasing middle class is starting to have higher disposable income, resulting in higher demands for high-quality supplements. In addition, the Brazilian government calls for health initiatives. Besides vitamins, minerals and proteins, specialty products like Creapure® play an important role in supporting both a healthy lifestyle and recreational and professional sports.
AlzChem joins innovation efforts in international nutrition markets working with strong local business partners

Up to the year 2018, creatine monohydrate (Creapure®) in the Brazilian market was exclusively allowed in mono products. The guidelines INº28\2018 imposed by ANIVISA/National Health Surveillance Agency have now made it possible to introduce the ingredient creatine to additional supplements. Consequently, sport nutrition companies have started to roll out new innovative products, shifting the focus on easy to use delivery forms for a more attractive end consumer experience.    
Examples for such innovative nutritional products in Brazil are protein bars (picture) with the active ingredients protein and Creapure®, as well as pre-workout products.
A close collaboration with our local Brazilian distribution/sales partner Fa. Tovani Benzaquen Ingrediens was paramount for the economic growth. Tovani Benzaquen Ingrediens, headquartered in São Paulo handles the entire Brazilian region, as well as surrounding countries. Besides offering quality ingredients, the company provides technical support in developing nutritional products, utilizing their modern application lab and a committed staff of food tech experts.
Our sales partner is involved in different segments of the Brazilian food and beverage industry, as well as in dietary supplements und pharmaceuticals. The company has received multiple awards from Editora naming it “the best ingredient distributor" in Brazil.
The AlzChem human nutrition busines unit continuous to realize growth in the Brazilian market

The high status of Creapure® is another driving factor for growth. The Creapure® Quality Seal is associated with highest quality and purity and that is why many companies are choosing it. From the biggest players in the supplement business to small companies, everyone wants to have Creapure® in their product line.
In addition to the sport product assortments, consumers in Brazil are including Creapure® in clinical premium product lines. In Brazil, Creapure® is often recommended by dietitians and prescribed by doctors, resulting in an even higher product reputation.
To further progress business in Brazil, AlzChem implements several initiatives. For example lectures on creatine that are presented in collaboration with Professor Bruno Gualano (University of São Paulo). It is the goal to develop an awareness for creatine monohydrate within professional and recreational athletes, nutritionists and medical professionals. In this way, we reach new potential target market segments and inform end consumers, as well as nutrition companies about the many benefits of Creapure® (creatine monohydrate).

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