CalciPro® Cored Wire serves highest quality demands in the steel industry | AlzChem

CalciPro® Cored Wire serves highest quality demands in the steel industry

Throughout the whole world, products of AlzChem are established in the steel industry. Starting with the treatment of the molten hot metal exiting the blast furnace along the whole steel production route up to the continuous casting process, AlzChem’s products are well established.

As reducing conditions are required in various steps during steelmaking, agents of AlzChem based on Calcium Carbide are adjusted and implemented for decades. As such, we offer a variety of applications and products, including reducing agents, desulfurization, slag treatment or nitrogen alloying.


2016 a new product, named CalciPro®, had its market entry and is gaining increasing popularity. With the introduction of this technology, AlzChem added another field of application to it’s product portfolio: improving the castability as well as the steel quality by leveraging the steel cleanliness. Melt treatment by calcium addition to the Ladle Furnace leads to modification of critical inclusions. Customers appreciate the resulting smooth casting capabilities (implying a highly Efficient Process, by diminishing rejected batches) and the enhanced mechanical properties of the final product (Quality improvement).


Applying CalciPro® technology, insertion of high melting and highly effective filling material is enabled in a

  • Quicker
  • Safer and
  • More cost-efficient


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