Alzogur® in the Netherlands – New registration for larvae control of flies in pig manure

Alzogur® is a biocide for the treatment of slurry in pig houses. The Netherlands recently granted Alzogur® a registration for fly control in pig farms.

Flies – which emerge massively from the slurry – are not only annoying, but also act as vectors for pathogens, e.g. brachyspira hyodysenteriae  – the organism that causes pig dysentery. Between 80 and 85 % of flies live in the slurry as eggs or larvae. After hatching, they transmit diseases from under the floor up to the pigs. For this reason, fly control must include the manure. 

Alzogur® has been also shown to control effectively brachyspira hyodysenteriae. For this reason it is used in many EU countries for control of house fly as well as of pig dysentery.

The success of a hygiene program depends on its weakest link. In many pig farms the weakest link is the slurry under the slatted floor. Its treatment is essential to avoid reinfection from the slurry to the pigs. And this is one of the great benefits of Alzogur®: for significant reduction of antibiotics in pigpens!

Since damage after a disease outbreak can only be minimized, prevention through a complete hygiene program is mandatory. Alzogur®​ is due to its unique biocidal effects against flies and dysentery an essential product in this concept of hygiene management.

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Stefanie Kurzmaier

Stefanie Kurzmaier