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23.11.2022, Alzchem, Human Nutrition

Alzchem gives presentation at Long Covid Congress - great interest

More than 2500 participants in presence and online, physicians, universities, and patient advocacy groups, attended the first-ever Long Covid Congress, which was broadcasted worldwide. Alzchem was the only company permitted to give a presentation. Initial studies suggest that creatine could contribute to alleviating symptoms of long covid. Creatine is an essential component of cellular energy metabolism, the functioning of which is in turn a prerequisite for important bodily functions. Several studies have shown a correlation between low creatine levels and expression of Long Covid symptoms. Alzchem has subsequently begun to investigate whether creatine supplementation as part of broader therapies can help alleviate Long Covid symptoms. Although final evidence for this assumption is still pending, the interim results are quite encouraging. Alzchem's ideas were received and discussed with great interest. Further studies are planned.

Even three years after the beginning of the pandemic, the late and long-term effects are hardly treatable. Official figures estimate that 17 million people are affected in Europe and 3 million in Germany. The disease is very complex in its severity and expression, making identification and treatment very difficult. Affected persons are often unable to work for months and even years and are massively restricted in their quality of life. Young adults in particular are often affected by the severe cases, which, according to Thuringia's Minister President Bodo Ramlow at the congress, is also increasingly becoming a social problem.

In order to share research results and experiences, several physicians and universities have joined forces in the Long Covid medical association and have now also organized this first specialist congress on the subject of Long Covid. Over two days, information on the latest research and therapies was presented and discussed. The congress was supported by the German Federal Minister of Health, Dr. Lauterbach, and the Prime Minister of Thuringia, Mr. Ramelow, both of whom also attended the congress.

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