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15.03.2019, Alzchem, Corporate News, Human Nutrition

AlzChem Group launches LIVADUR®, its first product for end customers

A dietary supplement for an attractive target audience of vital people aged 55 and over

Trostberg, March 15, 2019 – With its creatine product LIVADUR®, AlzChem Group AG will be addressing end consumers directly for the first time as of March 2019. The target audience consists of active people aged 55 and over who want to prevent the age-related decline in muscle strength and thus maintain their high quality of life and fitness. The dietary supplement is based on the already very successful product Creapure®, the only creatine product manufactured in Germany that is supplied to the dietary supplement industry specifically for sports nutrition.

Ulli Seibel, CEO of AlzChem Group AG: “With LIVADUR®, we are opening up another important stage in the value chain by going as far as the end customer for the first time. We see excellent market opportunities as well as attractive margin potential here and are therefore striving to achieve nationwide availability in pharmacies before the end of this year. In the future, we also want to internationalize the product, with which we specifically serve the megatrend of healthy aging, particularly in the US and Chinese markets. There are a variety of approaches here for additional growth opportunities. In the medium term, LIVADUR® has the potential to become an important pillar in the product mix.”


LIVADUR® is AlzChem’s first consumer product and is aimed at the 55+ target audience. The dietary supplement provides the body with the ideal amount of premium quality creatine. Several scientific studies have shown that the daily intake of creatine increases the effect of strength training on the muscles. LIVADUR® is a convenient way to make training even more efficient and successful without any additional effort, thereby increasing vitality and enjoyment of life.

About AlzChem

AlzChem Group is a vertically integrated manufacturer of various chemical products based on the NCN chain. These are products with typical nitrogen-carbon-nitrogen bonding that are used in a wide variety of different industries. The group has a leading position in select niche markets. The strategic focus of growth and the main focus of its extensive research and development are on the business segment Specialty Chemicals. The group has around 1,500 employees at four sites in Germany and three other sites abroad.

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Here you can find further information about our product

Livadur Chiemsee Stand Up Paddle
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