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A grochemicals with NITRALZ®

Wachsende Pflanze in Händen

Whether fungicides, insecticides, herbicides or biocides: nitriles play an important role in many innovative crop protection products. Our broad product portfolio offers you a wide range of intermediates for the production of agrochemicals from a single source.

Plant protection with Alzchem

NITRALZ® in the agro-industry - your advantages

Our customers benefit from our long experience and our competence in high temperature reactions. We are also proud of our in-house catalyst development. We guarantee high quality, efficient technologies, innovative processes and a high standard to service our partners.

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Plant protection with NITRALZ®

Examples of nitriles in the agroindustry

NITRALZ® CAS Nr. Application are examples End product examples Specification
Benzonitrile 100-47-0


Fenclorim ≥ 99,6%
n-Butyronitrile 109-74-0 solvent   ≥ 99,5%
Caprinonitrile 1975-78-6 fungicide
Ametoctradin ≥ 98,0%
2-Chlorbenzonitrile 873-32-5 Biozid Benzisothiazolinone ≥ 99,0 %
4-Chlorbenzonitrile 623-03-0



≥ 99,5%
2,3-Dichlorbenzonitrile 6574-97-6 pesticide   ≥ 99,5%
2,6-Dichlorbenzonitrile 1194-65-6


Diclobenil, Dimilin, Pyrithiobac ≥ 99,0%
3,4-Dichlorbenzonitrile 6574-99-8 herbicide Cyhalofop

≥ 99,5%

Pivalonitrile 630-18-2 solvent  

≥ 99,0%

Product innovation

Do you already know ....?

Our range of aromatic nitriles has recently been extended by another product.

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Weiße Tabletten in orangener Dose
Life Sciences


New to the Alzchem portfolio is the product 2,3-Dichlorbenzonitril (CAS-Nr. 6574-97-69), which has its main application in the life science sector.

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