Thiourea – top quality, fast and reliable with REACH registration

Thiourea is a key raw material for a wide variety of applications and industries. As an established global partner of the chemical industry, AlzChem is the only supplier of thiourea outside of Asia and is a REACH lead registrar. Confirmation of REACH registration must be available by June 1, 2018, for distribution within the European Union.

In the EU, REACH registration is one good reason to buy AlzChem’s thiourea, but it’s by no means the only one. AlzChem quickly and reliably supplies highly pure thiourea in three different qualities for technical, chemical and pharmaceutical applications.

Thiourea is an extremely versatile product, indispensable for many applications: “Those we supply include an international pharmaceutical company using thiourea to produce antibiotics for veterinary medicine, as well as the world’s largest copper producer, who uses the product for ore leaching,” reports Josef Niedermaier, Product Manager for Thiourea at AlzChem. To name only a few other applications using AlzChem’s thiourea, it serves as a catalyst in acidulant production in the food industry, a natural latex and glue stabilizer, a common raw material in agrochemical production, a major component in certain wood preservatives, a silver polish, a galvanization aid and a corrosion inhibitor for numerous metals. And its range of potential applications is growing.

For the use of thiourea within the EU a REACH registration must be in place for the manufacturing or import as of June. “We registered thiourea with the relevant authority several years ago,” says Niedermaier. Another advantage of AlzChem’s thiourea is its transport routes, which are considerably shorter – and thus more predictable – for European customers and the company’s overall stability: AlzChem has been producing thiourea at its Trostberg site since the 1960s, and its customers benefit from its decades of experience: AlzChem offers thiourea in the highest product quality, with reliable logistics and in needs-based, customer-specific packaging variants. AlzChem also maintains a warehouse in Atlanta, Georgia, to shorten delivery times in North and Central America.


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AlzChem Group AG is a vertically integrated manufacturer of various chemical products based on the NCN chain. These are products with typical nitrogen-carbon-nitrogen bonding that are used in a wide variety of different industries. The company has a leading position in select niche markets, including the markets for feed additives and food supplements. The strategic focus of growth and the main focus of its extensive research and development are on the business segment Specialty Chemicals. The company has around 1,500 employees at four sites in Germany and three other sites abroad.

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