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29.06.2021, Animal Nutrition, Agriculture

Innovation driver AlzChem: Feed additive for cellular efficiency as the third evolutionary step in animal nutrition - more economic benefits as a positive side effect

The health and integrity of animals are close to the heart of our company. AlzChem currently introduces a revolutionary concept in the future development of high-quality animal feed. Under the title "3rd evolution in feed", our product Creamino® is a premier example to illustrate how the optimal application and targeted utilization of feed ingredients at the cellular level promotes animal welfare and animal health. Even more, the profitability of companies can be optimized with Creamino®. It comes as no surprise that this new concept is meeting growing interest from customers. In addition, trade journals applaud the concept.

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About Creamino®

Creamino® is a patent protected preparation of guanidinoacetic acid (GAA). GAA is the direct endogenous precursor of creatine in the organism of all vertebrates. The body produces GAA from the amino acids glycine and arginine and then converts GAA to creatine with the help of methionine. However, this endogenous synthethis is not sufficient to meet daily needs. Until now, there is no Creatine in feed. Creatine is an essential biomolecule for proper function of energy transfer and supply. Thereby Creatine supports various functions in the body, such as healthy growth, immune system or reproduction. In contrast to other nutrients creatine directly reloads ATP for energy supply, making sure that sufficient energy is at any time and any place available in the body.

With Creamino®, we supply a unique source of creatine supporting many important body functions, delivering energy for healthy growth.

Article Feedinfo "AlzChem asserts cellular efficiency will fuel new wave of feed additive innovation"

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