Biostimolanti Online-Conference Italy


​AlzChem participates in the 2nd Biostimolanti Conference digital edition in Bari, Italy. It will take place on 23.02. & 25.02. and on 02.03. & 04.03.2021. The aim of the Conference is to increase the knowledge about biostimulants in Italy.

Biostimulants increase the resistance of crops to various stress factors and the quality of production. Academic and institutional speakers will provide an overview of the world of biostimulants from technical, scientific and regulatory perspectives. Producers and growers will be provided with a platform to engage in conversation.

AlzChem, as a gold partner, will be present at the virtual booth with brochures and videos, and will this year exclusively present Kelpak®. Dr. Giovanni Papa, consultant for South Italy, will give a presentation on "Advantages of using Kelpak® on cherries and other tree crops". Attend this presentation on Thursday, March 4, 2021 at 3:30 pm.


About Kelpak®

Kelpak® is a natural biostimulant manufactured from the brown kelp Ecklonia maxima, found on the west coast of South Africa. Kelpak® is produced by using a cold cellular burst extraction method to preserve the delicate compounds in the cell sap. The end product significantly improves overall plant growth and increases yield. Kelpak® Liquid Seaweed Extract has been helping farmers to improve their crop output for four decades now. Scientific trials prove that Kelpak®’s unique activity delivers consistent and significant benefits to the farmer.