AlzChem Group AG aims to enter a new market with Eminex®, a product for more climate protection in agriculture | AlzChem

AlzChem Group AG aims to enter a new market with Eminex®, a product for more climate protection in agriculture

  • Distribution to start in 2021 and to be rolled out widely
  • Significant reduction of methane and CO2 emissions in livestock farming possible


Trostberg, September 13, 2021 – AlzChem Group AG, a vertically integrated specialty chemicals supplier with a leading market position in selected niche markets, wants to take climate protection in agriculture to a new level with its new product Eminex®. All over the world, livestock farming has been criticized for its poor environmental performance. In Germany alone, around 240,000 metric tons of methane and considerable amounts of CO2 escape in gaseous form from manure storage tanks every year. These methane emissions in particular are considered critical due to their impact on the climate, but are almost entirely avoidable. This is confirmed by recent studies conducted by DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH and the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy. According to these studies, methane and CO2 emissions during storage can be reduced by 90% to 100% by adding small quantities of the calcium cyanamide-based processing agent Eminex®.

Andreas Niedermaier, CEO of AlzChem Group AG: “With Eminex® as an additive for blocking methane and CO2 emissions in agriculture, we are opening up a completely new global market. At the same time, agriculture is already an extremely well-developed target group for us, because we have a strong sales presence in this sector through our fertilizers. The conditions for market success are therefore excellent. We have the structural prerequisites and farmers are given a simple opportunity to make a significant leap in climate protection. The market could experience additional momentum above all if appropriate efforts were also made on the regulatory side.”

Eminex® will be available in Germany and Austria from September 2021. Gradually, Switzerland and other European markets with intensive livestock farming will also be developed. Of particular interest to farmers is the fact that climate-protecting measures with Eminex® do not require any structural measures or investments in the storage and collection containers. In the future, farmers will thus be able to make a significant contribution to reducing the environmental impact associated with livestock farming quickly and without investment.

The AlzChem Group itself invests around EUR 19 million a year in measures to improve climate protection, according to the figures in the new Environmental Statement 2021. For example, in recent years, it has succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50,000 tons a year. In addition, the company aims to exceed the requirements of the German Federal Constitutional Court on the Climate Protection Act of April 29, 2021, via compensation measures for its own products. Eminex® is an important building block in this. In the medium term, the company has set itself the goal of becoming completely greenhouse gas neutral.


About AlzChem

AlzChem is a globally active specialty chemicals company that is predominantly among the market leaders in its fields of activity. AlzChem benefits in particular from the three very different global developments of climate change, population growth and longer life expectancy. In order to achieve the resulting social goals, AlzChem products can offer attractive solutions with a wide range of different applications.

The company sees interesting growth prospects for itself especially in the areas of human and animal nutrition and agriculture. As a result of population growth, it is necessary to achieve efficient food production. Pharmaceutical raw materials and our creatine products can contribute to healthy aging as life expectancy increases. AlzChem is facing up to the goal of sustainability arising from climate change in the field of renewable energies and across the entire company. The fields of fine chemicals and metallurgy offer just as great a perspective. 

The broad product range of AlzChem Group AG includes dietary supplements, precursors for corona tests and pharmaceutical raw materials. These products are our company’s response to global trends and developments. AlzChem is ideally positioned in this regard and sees itself as well equipped for an environmentally oriented future and global developments.

The company employs around 1,630 people at four production sites in Germany and one plant in Sweden, as well as two sales companies in the USA and China. In 2020, AlzChem generated consolidated sales of around EUR 379 million and EBITDA of around EUR 53.8 million.

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