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25.08.2021, Alzchem, Corporate News, Sustainability

AlzChem Group AG: Further successful steps on the way to becoming a sustainable, CO2-neutral specialty chemicals company

Trostberg, August 25, 2021 - AlzChem Group AG has now published its new 2021 Environmental Statement for its German sites in Trostberg, Schalchen, Hart and Waldkraiburg, clearly demonstrating the great importance that environmental compatibility and sustainability have for the Bavarian specialty chemicals company. The company dedicated over EUR 19 million to environmental protection in 2020 alone. The reduction and avoidance or recycling of waste, the independent recycling of industrial water or the reduction of the energy required are but a few examples that show that environmental protection and sustainability are given high priority at AlzChem. In addition, the company wants to exceed the requirements of the German Federal Constitutional Court on the Climate Protection Act of April 29, 2021, through compensation measures for its own products. The company has set itself the medium-term goal of becoming completely greenhouse gas neutral.


AlzChem has been EMAS-registered (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme, also known as the EU Eco-Audit) since 1997, produces an annual Environmental Statement and has this audited by an independent environmental auditor in order to document, monitor and evaluate the impact of its own activities in terms of environmental protection and sustainability. In recent years, for example, the company has succeeded in reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50,000 metric tons annually. Furthermore, the amount of energy recycled by the company’s own heat recovery system has been increased significantly – a considerable contribution to improving energy efficiency and saving energy. The already very low dust emissions have also been reduced even further.


The resource “water” continues to be the focus of the company’s own environmental projects. The company’s water consumption is planned to be continually reduced in the years to come. One urgent goal is to clean and treat the water used in the company’s own facilities and to return the water to the production cycle.


Detailed information and key figures can be found in AlzChem’s 2021 Environmental Statement, which is available on the company’s homepage.

AlzChem's 2021 Environmental Statement

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