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AlzChem manufactures at four sites in the Chemical Triangle in southeastern Bavaria, in Sundsvall, Sweden and has sales companies in Atlanta, USA,and Shanghai, China. AlzChem‘s headquaters is located in Trostberg in Upper Bavaria, in the Traunstein district.

Here you will find the addresses and contact details of all locations.



AlzChem. A uniquely integrated production network.


The production network and the efficient use of raw materials ensure a high level of supply security - an important advantage in the market and one that sets AlzChem apart. AlzChem‘s networked production structure creates a powerful and effective value chain built around metallurgical additives, fertilizers and important intermediate products for the pharmaceutical, food and agriculture industries. This value chain extends from chemical base products through to high-grade products.


AlzChem‘s production network involves the intelligent networking of our facilities and energy- and material flows, plus the networking of the entire infrastructure.


The Waldkraiburg site is AlzChem's Competence Center for nitroguanidine and for guanidine salts.
We develop and produce at quantities ranging from laboratory and pilot plant scale through to production scale. Our customers are leading manufacturers in the agrochemical, biotech and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as automotive suppliers and the defense industry.

Through custom development and custom manufacturing, NIGU offers a customer-driven range of services and tailored solutions for the following applications:

  • Agrochemical intermediates
  • polypeptide
  • Pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Diagnostics
  • components for propellants
  • propellants for airbags


Subsidiary company in Atlanta, USA

Our team is specially focused on the American market, and maintains direct contact with the customers.
Accounting for around 10 % of the worldwide sales of the AlzChem Group, the American subsidiary is making a significant contribution to expanding the markets in the many segments in which AlzChem operates, such as food supplements, plastics additives/ Dyhard®, fine chemicals, biopharmaceutical and other special chemistry markets.

The key to success in America is knowing how to work with customers in a friendly and expert manner, and providing technical sales support with the main focus on the AlzChem product range.

Subsidiary company in China

This subsidiary was established in 2012. Our team focuses on purchasing raw materials and selling AlzChem products in Asia.

Nordic Carbide AB in Sundsvall, Sweden, is a subsidiary company of the AlzChem Group. The modern calcium carbide site is located right at a port and supplies preferably the Scandinavian market.

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