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03.11.2023, Agriculture, Sustainability

Use of Eminex® on climate milk farm of Mario Frese

At Mario Frese's so-called "climate dairy farm" in northern Hesse, various measures are being tested to reduce greenhouse gas emissions on the farm.   

The aim of a joint project between Original Wagner Pizza GmbH, the Hochwald dairy and Nürtingen-Geislingen University (HfWU) is to gain valuable experience on the farm in order to further develop dairy products in a sustainable manner.   

In addition to other emission sources, manure management also plays a major role in the farm's carbon footprint. Since July 2023, the manure from 111 lactating dairy cows has been treated with Eminex® on the farm.  Treating the liquid manure with Eminex® - stored in a covered pit - results in an annual savings potential of 144 to CO2eq for the dairy herd.  

This enormous saving is possible because the liquid manure treated with Eminex® emits 96% less greenhouse gases. 

On the farm, the freshly produced slurry is continuously treated with the help of a dosing device. This means that emissions of methane, CO2 and nitrous oxide are avoided right from the start of storage.   

On the Frese farm, the slurry flows from the dairy cattle barn via a channel into the slurry storage pit. Eminex® is continuously dosed via a control shaft with the aid of a timer. 

In addition to the savings in emissions, the use of the Alzchem product brings other advantages. The slurry remains more homogeneous in itself, since no segregation takes place due to the absence of gas bubbles rising in the slurry. A significantly smaller floating layer is formed. When spreading, the energy-intensive and gas-expelling mixing is reduced.   

Manure management can also be optimized in terms of nutrient cycles, since the treated manure loses hardly any carbon in the form of methane (CH4) or CO2 during storage, and the nitrogen content in the manure also remains increased.   

Ultimately, the reduced losses increase the nutrient content of the slurry and more carbon and nitrogen ends up on the field or grassland. 

Here you can find more information about Eminex®

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