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11.03.2024, Alzchem, Nutritional Products

Crearene AG and Alzchem Group AG: Successful addition of creatine to dialysis patient treatments

As part of their cooperation, Alzchem Group AG and Crearene AG announced in October 2023 that a clinical study on the use of creatine in dialysis treatments had been launched. The aim is to demonstrate the technical feasibility, patient safety and dose finding of creatine-based dialysis treatment solutions. 

Using specially purified creatine from the Alzchem Group, a University Medical Center Groningen team, led by Prof. Dr. Stephan J.L. Bakker, recently successfully completed the treatment of patients in a double-blind[1] study setting with four different patient groups and a 3:1 randomization. 

Today, Crearene, Alzchem and the University Medical Center of Groningen announce the main results: The first objective of the study, to demonstrate the technical feasibility of simultaneous creatine administration during hemodialysis treatment, was achieved. It was also confirmed that creatine administration is well tolerated by patients with end-stage chronic kidney disease. The study also provided information on the dose-response curve. The efficacy endpoints investigated additionally were very promising, although the final analysis has not yet been completed. Full results are expected in summer 2024.

Based on the promising initial results, Alzchem Group AG and Crearene AG have extended their collaboration to develop creatine-based treatment solutions for medical applications until the end of 2025. 

Based on the combination of Crearene's patented know-how, the result of many years of research in the field of creatine, and Alzchem's production expertise, the partners hope to provide improved treatment options for the more than three million dialysis patients worldwide. 

About Dialysis Treatment

Dialysis is a blood purification method used as a long-term therapy for kidney failure. Scientific research and studies show that dialysis patients, who already suffer from a structural creatine deficiency due to their renal insufficiency, continue to lose creatine as a result of ongoing dialysis treatment. Creatine is a natural, endogenous substance and plays a central role as an energy transporter and buffer in every human cell. Creatine also plays an important role for chronically ill people.

Weblinks: crearene.com  and alzchem.com and umcg.nl

Information on the research cooperation: 



[1] Double-blind means that neither the patient nor the treating physician know who is receiving which therapy. 

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