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Nitriles from Alzchem: A reliable source of raw materials for active pharmaceutical ingredient production

Nitriles have been for many years an integral part of Alzchem's wide-ranging product portfolio, which is in worldwide demand. They can be used in a variety of ways, especially in the pharmaceutical industry.    

Alzchem has been producing and marketing various nitriles under the brand name NITRALZ® for around 50 years. In recent years, the company has once again expanded its product range in this area; by using gas phase technology it has developed several new nitriles and successfully launched them to the market.     

An important area of application for Alzchem's various aromatic and aliphatic nitriles is in pharmaceuticals where they are increasingly used in pharmaceutical intermediates for active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).     

Alzchem's nitriles and their derivatives can be found in the highest possible technical quality in inter alia, anti-HIV drugs, blood thinners, sartans for high blood pressure or anti-allergic drugs, and thus support the fight against many diseases that are spread worldwide.   

One reason for the increasing demand for Alzchem products, in addition to the consistently high level of quality, is above all the effects of the corona pandemic. Logistic bottlenecks, amongst other things, have also caused a rethinking of the supply chains in the pharmaceutical industry. Security of supply and sustainability in the procurement of key raw materials, ideally from Europe, are far more in focus.     

With the forward looking and European focused design of the supply chain, together with highly reliable facilities at the highest technical level, Alzchem ensures supply capability even in times of crisis. In this way, the company positions itself as a reliable partner to the pharmaceutical industry with the usual high-end product and service quality  "Made in Germany".   

We ACT - we produce in a green way; our gas phase technology stands for low emissions and reduced waste.   

Here you can find more information about our product NITRALZ®

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