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30.05.2022, Alzchem, Animal Nutrition, Press release

New management in the Animal Nutrition division at Alzchem

Starting May 1, 2022, Andreas Oebbeke has taken over as head of the Animal Nutrition division at Alzchem Group AG in Trostberg.     


"We are pleased to welcome Andreas Oebbeke, a renowned and experienced expert, to lead our Animal Nutrition business," said Alzchem Management Board member Dr. Georg Weichselbaumer. "He will take our Creamino® business to the next level and now drive our global growth strategy after the first already very successful years of building it up."  


Andreas Oebbeke has known the industry for decades: After training as a farmer, he successfully completed a degree in agricultural science with a focus on animal production and animal nutrition at the University of Bonn. In the following 30 years he held leading positions at major companies in the German and international feed/feed additives industry, most recently as Sales Director at a global leader in animal nutrition. This exceptional combination of scientific expertise, practical know-how and a direct, hands-on manner will now benefit Alzchem's customers: "We want to create added value for the customer, that is our top priority," emphasizes Oebbeke. "Increasing efficiency in animal production will play an important role in global food security. And with Creamino®, we have an innovative and thereby already proven technology that makes this possible to a significant extent: we help feeding the world - that's our mission."  

About Creamino®

Creamino® is a patented feed additive with the main active ingredient guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) and thus represents the direct, endogenous precursor of creatine in the organism of all vertebrates. The body produces GAA from the amino acids glycine and arginine and then converts GAA to creatine with the help of methionine; however, this endogenous production is not sufficient to meet the daily requirement. Creatine is not present in conventional commercial feeds. As an essential biomolecule, creatine is responsible for the proper function of energy transfer and supply, supporting healthy growth, strengthening the immune system, and increasing reproductive success. Unlike other nutrients, creatine directly recharges ATP for energy supply and ensures that sufficient energy is available in the body at all times and in all places. 


With Creamino® we supply a unique creatine source from German production, which is converted to creatine in the animal and supports many important body functions - Energy for healthy growth. 

Here you can find further information about our product Creamino®

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