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20.09.2023, Agriculture

New areas of application for Creamino® - Optimal energy supply and sustainable feed efficiency in slow-growing poultry

Innovative feed additive ensures optimised feeding of the animals 

Market conditions in poultry production are increasingly changing and bringing up new concepts. In addition to the conventional broiler breeds with fast-growing genetics, the market share of slow-growing broiler breeds is rising, e.g. in the Netherlands, in England and in France. Here, the focus lies on meat quality along with increased animal welfare standards. But slow-growing broiler breeds have an increased feed requirement, which leads to high production costs.  

In order to further increase the performance potential of the slow-growing broiler breeds, an optimal nutrient supply is critical. An important contribution can be made by Creamino®, a feed additive for livestock that is naturally processed into creatine after absorption into the body. Creatine is important for the energy balance of the cell. Creamino® consists almost exclusively of guanidinoacetic acid (GAA), which is the direct precursor of creatine in the body. After ingestion via the feed, GAA is converted: Creatine and creatine phosphate act like a battery in the body. They are crucial for energy supply and energy transport in the cell. Creamino® thus ensures the smooth functioning of the body's cells and promotes not only performance and efficiency, but also the health of the animals. The addition of Creamino® increases the energy status of the animals, which leads to an increased exploitation of the broilers' performance potential. 

Feed efficiency in slow-growing broilers 

Creamino® can also optimally support the feeding of slow-growing broilers. Due to a longer fattening period of slow-growing poultry, more feed is needed, which leads to increased expenses. The challenge for broiler producers is to keep feed quantities and costs as low as possible to remain profitable. At the same time, it must be ensured that the chickens gain weight according as planned.   

The supplementation of Creamino® increases feed efficiency by optimising the creatine supply to the broilers. The improved feed conversion also benefits sustainability. By feeding Creamino®, the producer needs less feed and thus reduces his resource consumption as well as his costs. 

Here you can find more information about Creamino®

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