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29.11.2023, Guanamines

Melamine-free caprinoguanamine new on the market for innovative building materials

Efficient thermal insulation of buildings is of crucial importance for energy consumption, living comfort and environmental performance. Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is a widely used material that is frequently used in house construction for thermal insulation of floors, walls and roofs. With caprinoguanamine (CAS RN: 5921-65-3) from Alzchem, we have been supplying an important raw material for this segment for decades.   

The regulatory requirements are constantly being tightened and the request for a melamine-free caprinoguanamine came from the market, we implemented this product improvement in a short time. After various tests / sampling and meetings with well-known European customers, we have now received the first order. This means that we can start production planning for this campaign; Alzchem thus proves once again the advantages of the fast and focused action of a medium-sized company.   

Facts about EPS:   

EPS is a lightweight and foam-like plastic material produced by expanding polystyrene beads under heat and pressure. The main application is in the field of floor, wall and roof.

It is characterized by the following properties:  

  • Good thermal insulation ensures an effective barrier against heat loss to the outside; at the same time it is light (porous structure) which facilitates handling and installation.  

  • Despite its lightness, EPS has a remarkable compressive strength. This property is important for bearing the loads of floor and roof structures.  

  • Due to its closed cell structures, EPS is largely insensitive to moisture absorption. This reduces the risk of mold growth and weather damage.  

  • EPS is chemically inert and resists many solvents and chemicals.  

Important for our customers and their end users is its environmental friendliness: EPS can be recycled and reused. In addition, its production produces comparatively low emissions and requires fewer resources compared to some other insulation materials.  

Overall, EPS is a proven choice for thermal insulation in home construction. Its excellent thermal properties, environmental friendliness and versatility make it a   

a popular option for energy-efficient buildings.   

Act now. Act together in a 100 %"Made in Germany" production. We look forward to your inquiries. 

Here you can find more information about Guanamin

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