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10.09.2020, Human Nutrition

Getting older healthy and with more strength and energy. More performance and muscle maintenance thanks to exercise with creatine, the "power star" in our body.

It cannot be denied - we are all getting older! But more than ever before, we have it in our own hands what this aging looks like. With creatine in the form of the dietary supplement LIVADUR® we can grow older healthily with more strength and energy, because daily intake can effectively counteract the age-related loss of muscle mass and strength.

You can look forward to a very interesting radio-show. Listen to the “Gesunde Stunde” on Saturday September 12th from 5 to 6 p.m..

Already from the age of 30 onwards, the muscle mass in the human body decreases. Later, the performance of the organs decreases, the energy metabolism decreases and muscle strength dwindles. The age-related excessive reduction of muscle mass and muscle power is called "sarcopenia" - and if nothing is done about it, the risk of life-changing consequences increases. A lack of exercise damages the cardiovascular system and the immune system: joints and bones are subjected to more stress and wear out more and cognitive illnesses such as Alzheimer's and dementia are promoted.

To be and stay healthy in old age: The key with LIVADUR®.
It is no wonder that the prevention of performance slumps and illnesses is moving into the focus of interest. It is now known that lifestyle has a greater influence on the future of one's own health than genes. So the good news is: You can do something - at every stage of life!
In addition to a conscious diet, physical exercise and sport in particular have a positive effect on the years of life. This effectively counteracts the loss of muscle mass - a powerful musculature is the basis for physical fitness. This in turn can help to prevent illness and stay mobile. If older people move in a targeted manner, they maintain their mobility - and thus prevent ailments of old age and civilization.

Creatine, the secret power star in our body
You don't have to be a super athlete for that! However, moderate exercise is required - and creatine can support this very well. Because our organism needs a number of nutrients and fuels in order to be able to use movement optimally. One of these is creatine.
This substance, valued by athletes, is found in the muscles, but also in the heart and brain. Creatine is a key player in complex biochemical processes which, in addition to muscle work, enable all metabolic and organ functions as well as the formation and regeneration of our cells and tissue. But what does creatine have to do with endurance and strength sports? It is always needed when energy needs to be provided, transported or stored as quickly as possible. By maintaining or even increasing muscle mass and performance, it stabilizes the entire musculoskeletal system and has a positive effect on the metabolism.

With increasing age our strength supplier creatine dwindles
There are between 80 and 130 grams of creatine in the body of an adult - but about two to three grams of it are lost every day. This creatine must be replaced. Some of it can be absorbed by eating muscle meat or fish, but to get to the required daily dose of about 3 grams would require eating almost a kilogram of steak or salmon fillet - every day! In addition, the body's own creatine production decreases in the course of life. Senior citizens often eat less, so they often have low creatine levels. The European Food Safety Authority considers the effects of creatine to be proven.

Demonstrably safe and effective: Creatine from the German manufacturer AlzChem
With the food auxiliary means LIVADUR® there is now a strictly controlled and highly pure creatine product produced in Germany for the target group of the health-conscious ones and active ones in the second life half, which has the ideal quantity of creatine in premium-quality. It serves as a perfect support for an active and self-determined life up to old age. The product contains the optimally balanced amount of creatine to counteract the natural decrease of muscle mass and muscle power with increasing age.
Of particular interest for health-conscious people is the influence on the success of training and on the muscles. Several scientific studies have shown that the daily intake of creatine increases the effect of exercise training.
The daily supplementation of three grams of creatine has been shown to enhance the effects of exercise training on muscle performance. These three grams are available in user-friendly sachets. For intake, one sachet is dissolved in liquid once a day, whereby LIVADUR® also convinces with its refreshing lemon taste. The product is free of sugar, colorants, gluten, lactose, fructose and animal components.

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