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Innovation for drive systems: Alzchem offers storage-stable solution for the production of stable pressure tanks with DYHARD®

Demand in the entire transportation sector for lightweight and extremely stable pressure tanks is increasing, driven by the trend toward climate-neutral vehicles and supported globally by increasingly stringent legislation on CO2 reduction: This is also giving a particular boost to the development of alternative CO2-neutral drive systems - such as for fuel cell vehicles.   

In the so-called Towpreg technology, carbon fiber strands are pre-impregnated with the complete epoxy resin system and pre-cured. For the described pre-impregnation of the towpregs (carbon fibers), Alzchem has developed a solution consisting of the latent hardener DYHARD® 100S, the accelerator DYHARD® UR500 and the latent additive DYHARD® LA1 - components that combine long shelf life with fast curing. For the storage of the towpregs based on these DYHARD® as well as for their transport to the end processors (winding companies), cooling is no longer required, which in turn saves costs and reduces energy consumption, thus also offering significant advantages from a sustainability perspective. Winding and curing in the cylinder's oven takes place at short notice as required.  

This means that towpregs based on DYHARD® have ideal properties for applications such as the production of compressed gas cylinders for motor vehicles with alternative drives, compressed air cylinders for rescue workers or oxygen cylinders for divers.    

 Alzchem's DYHARD® system solution for towpregs offers three key advantages:   

  • A latency of four to five months: With a much longer shelf life, costs for storage and transport are reduced while quality remains consistent.    

  • Rapid curing at high temperatures is possible with the DYHARD® solution. For fast winding processes, the system is also OEM-compliant.  

  • The DYHARD®-based towpregs have outstanding mechanical properties and excellent adhesion to carbon fibers. 

Here you find all information about DYHARD®.

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