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11.01.2024, Alzchem, Human Nutrition

Hope for Long Covid patients: According to new clinical studies, creatine can alleviate symptoms

According to study results published in the journal "Nature Reviews Microbiology", at least ten percent of all infected people worldwide struggle with the long-term effects of a coronavirus infection. In Germany alone, it is estimated that at least one million people are affected. According to official figures, around 300,000 people are currently undergoing medical treatment for this.  The symptoms of Long Covid can vary greatly and range from reduced memory and loss of taste to tiredness and fatigue. Sadly, what all sufferers have in common is the loss of quality of life caused by these symptoms. There is not yet enough data on these diseases to be able to apply effective treatment methods.   

Now a team of researchers has provided evidence that a preparation from sports nutrition could help with Long Covid:    

Creatine is a natural, endogenous substance that, in the form of phosphocreatine, plays a central role as an energy transporter and buffer in every cell. Cellular energy metabolism plays an important role in all energy-intensive bodily functions, not only in movement, but also in the brain, for example. An adult's body contains around 80 - 130 grams of creatine. Around one to two percent of this amount is broken down and excreted every day and needs to be replenished. For example, by eating meat and fish, which contain a relevant amount of creatine. There is no creatine in vegetables. To maintain an appropriate level in the body, it can be taken as a dietary supplement.  


Administration of creatine can provide relief for long-COVID patients    

Although fatigue syndrome has long been known to be a consequence of viral diseases, it has come into general focus in the context of Long Covid in recent years. Researchers have found that creatine supplementation can lead to an improvement in Long Covid symptoms: Two new studies by Professor Sergej M. Ostojic showed new starting points for how it can have a positive effect on symptoms.  

The first study was conducted with test subjects who had been proven to have Long Covid disease. They were divided into two groups. One group took creatine daily and the other a placebo. The result: in the creatine group, improvements in general well-being and an increase in vitality were observed after just three months; after six months, there were also improvements in other fatigue symptoms. These included breathing difficulties, body aches, headaches and difficulty concentrating.  

In a second study, which was also published in September, the researchers demonstrated positive effects of creatine in supporting respiratory therapy in long-Covid patients. Furthermore, the creatine levels in the brain also developed better than in the control group. In addition, the supplement led to increased endurance (time to exhaustion) - an important building block on the way back to an adequate quality of life. Overall, the researchers concluded that taking creatine over a period of six months can improve bioenergetics in tissues and the clinical characteristics of Long-Covid.    

The study results are in line with other results from studies and observational studies that have been published in recent months. Creatine was also discussed at the Long-Covid conference at the University of Jena a year ago and was also mentioned as an interesting approach in the German Medical Journal.    

International cooperation between universities, summarized in the "Creatine for health" initiative, is also researching other effects of creatine in the human body. The results to date give reason to expect further interesting news.  


High-purity creatine products "made in Germany"   

The company Alzchem, based in Trostberg in Upper Bavaria, has two high-quality creatine products in its product portfolio: Both are based on pure creatine monohydrate, which is produced exclusively in the company's purpose-built production facility. The creatine produced there is vegan and is obtained exclusively by chemical synthesis. Production is certified in accordance with the IFS FOOD food certification standard, a standard recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative. It is also kosher and halal certified.    

The product Creapure® has been known for over 25 years as the purest premium creatine in sports nutrition. Under the brand name Creavitalis®, Alzchem launched a specially processed creatine monohydrate as a fine, tasteless powder for health and nutrition applications in autumn 2023 and is already distributing it worldwide. Anyone who eats meat and fish automatically takes in some creatine with their food, whereas dairy products and plants contain little or no creatine. This means that vegetarians, vegans and flexitarians absorb little or no creatine from their diet.  Creavitalis® is suitable as a functional ingredient, for example in meat alternatives and milk substitutes, but also as a dietary supplement for direct intake to benefit from the positive health effects.  

Here you find more information about Creavitalis® 

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