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15.12.2022, Alzchem, Agriculture, Sustainability

Eminex® goes BeNeLux - Methane emission reduction

Following the successful market launch of Eminex® - an innovative manure treatment agent for significantly reducing the emission of climate-damaging gases - in Germany in September 2021, the go-ahead has now been given for the market launch of the sustainable product in Belgium and the Netherlands.   

The specialized press was informed via a kick-off meeting on November 3rd.  A productive discussion about the benefits of the product was followed by a tour of two dairy farms in the region that already use Eminex®. In stimulating discussions with the farmers, the journalists and sales partners learned about the positive effects of Eminex® in practice. 

 In Belgium and the Netherlands, too, the issue of "climate-damaging emissions" is more relevant than ever. By using Eminex®, the emission of methane from slurry stores, among others, can be successfully reduced. Eminex® thus offers an effective approach to improve the climate balance.


Agriculture and climate: Emissions of climate-damaging methane 

More than 50 % of methane emissions in the EU come from the agricultural sector. Beside the digestion of ruminants, farm manure storage is also a significant contributor to methane emissions from agriculture. 

Methane emissions are identified as particularly critical due to their high greenhouse gas impact. These are almost completely avoidable with appropriate treatment. This is confirmed by recent studies by DEKRA Assurance Services GmbH and the Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomics. According to these studies, the addition of small quantities of Eminex®, a liquid manure treatment containing calcium cyanamide, can reduce methane and CO2 emissions during storage by 90 to 100 %. 

Mixed into the liquid manure, Eminex® inhibits the release of methane, CO2 and nitrous oxide and is itself degraded within a few weeks. 

Here you can find more information about Eminex®

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