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22.05.2024, Alzchem, Human Nutrition

Creavitalis® - Now Available in the U.S.

Creavitalis® (pure creatine monohydrate) had a successful launch into the U.S. market last October at Supply Side West.  While Alzchem’s creatine sports brand Creapure® has long been established as a premium supplement in the sports nutrition and bodybuilding markets there is an increasing number of applications for creatine as a general dietary supplement.  

Since exogene creatine can only be found in animal-based food, supplementing Creavitalis® enriches diets of people who are trying to reduce meat in their daily food, improve their lean mass, or simply enjoy the various advantages of stable creatine supply.

Manufactured at our food grade manufacturing plant in Germany, Creavitalis® stands as the world leader in quality, unmatched in its purity.  Developed and optimized for the health and functional food markets, Creavitalis® is micronized for better processing and overall mouth-feel and carries an extended certificate of analysis.  Brands and consumers alike know that with a Creavitalis® label, they will get the best creatine monohydrate in the world.

Owing to creatine’s central role in the body’s energy metabolism, it has a broad range of benefits. Research is showing its positive effects throughout the whole body and mind such as, cognitive function, elderly nutrition, muscle protection, male fertility, or women’s health.  Alzchem is conducting and supporting studies and has been granted two EU health claims; a new claim for cognitive function is currently undergoing regulatory review.

With baby boomers going into retirement, products aimed towards healthy aging are in high demand.  These anti-aging and longevity products are booming in the market as consumers seek out solutions to counter the negative effects to their body and mind as they get older.  Creavitalis® products offer these customers a one-stop-shop to find benefits they are looking for.

With the launch of Creavitalis®, Alzchem recognizes that the creatine boom outside sport nutrition is just getting started.   We’re here to serve these expanding markets and educate consumers about all of the amazing benefits of creatine. Our message to everyone wanting a boost to their overall health is simple…power your body and mind with Creavitalis®.

Studies showcasing all of creatine’s benefits for the body and mind can be found at www.creatineforhealth.com and www.creatine.global.

Here you can find more information about Creavitalis®.

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