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13.10.2023, Alzchem, Animal Nutrition, Sustainability

Modern poultry farming with Creamino®: Optimal energy supply for parent stock and chicks

A good start in the life of a growing broiler chicken is crucial for their later development. But especially the time around hatching is very demanding for the young broilers. Hatching is a particularly energy-intensive process. Chicks leave the protected, embryonic conditions in the egg and enter new surroundings where many environmental factors and stressors affect them. In addition, they have to learn how to access water and feed. 

A unique way to ease this demanding time for the chicks is to provide their parents with Creamino®. The supplementation of the feed with GAA increases the cellular creatine supply of the parent stock. This also enables an improved transfer of creatine from the hen to the yolk and egg white. This is crucial because the yolk (and egg white) serves as the primary source of energy during embryonic development and at hatching. An increased creatine concentration in the egg thus also improves the energy supply of the embryo or hatching chick. This results in a better start in the new environment and sets the stage for efficient growth afterwards. 

Creamino® consists almost exclusively of guanidinoacetic acid (GAA), which is the direct precursor of creatine in the body. After ingestion via the feed, GAA is converted to creatine. Creatine and creatine phosphate act like a battery in the body: they are crucial for the provision and transport of energy in the cell. Creamino® thus ensures the smooth functioning of the body's cells and promotes not only performance and efficiency, but also the health of the animals. 

Creamino® improves cellular energy efficiency as the basis for healthy growth - right from the start. 

Here you can find more information about Creamino®

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