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13.12.2023, Alzchem, Sustainability, Press release

Alzchem awarded for sustainable supply chains: Outstanding result certified by "Together for Sustainability (TfS)" initiative

With 192 out of a possible 200 points, Alzchem ranks very high in the audit of the industry initiative "Together for Sustainability (TfS)". This certifies that the specialty chemicals company is a trustworthy and sustainable supplier. The sustainability performance was evaluated based on a series of defined test criteria in the areas of management, environment, health, safety, employee and human rights as well as responsible corporate governance. 

Alzchem has been participating in TfS audits for several years. The initiative has set itself the goal of raising standards in terms of economically, socially and ecologically responsible corporate governance throughout the chemical industry. Members are global chemical companies that commit to consistently assessing, auditing and improving sustainability practices within their global supply chains. Because a responsible chemical industry that acts sustainably requires the commitment of all stakeholders operating within the supply chain. Together, the aim is to create a global standard for supply chains, which on the one hand ensures transparency, but also avoids repeated evaluations by different clients, thus saving effort and time. The audit program is based on the principles of the UN Global Compact and the Responsible Care initiative.  

To gain a deep insight into Alzchem's sustainability practices, a TfS audit was conducted by approved external auditors at the Trostberg and Waldkraiburg sites. Here, the company's sustainability performance was reviewed against established TfS criteria. The results were made available to Alzchem and all members of the TfS initiative. By receiving an excellent rating, the company shows that sustainability is a central part of its strategy and that it is continuously working on improving its performance in this area. 

"We are very pleased with our excellent result and support wholeheartedly the development of making the chemical industry more sustainable. The TfS standards ensure transparency in CO2 footprints and comparability in competitive conditions within the chemical value chain," explains CSO Dr Georg Weichselbaumer. 

Here you can find more information about sustainability at Alzchem

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