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25.01.2022, Alzchem, Press release

Alzchem - an attractive employer for many reasons

Alzchem presents itself as an attractive and interesting employer for many reasons. The key to this is flexible working hours, attractive remuneration, sustainable health care for employees and the promotion of training and further education. In addition, employees should be motivated to creatively contribute their own ideas, concepts and suggestions. The know-how of the workforce and their suggestions for improvement form an important basis for the work at Alzchem. Personal responsibility and creative freedom should help to ensure that commitment is adequately rewarded. The contribution of personal ideas is strongly desired and supported.

There are several reasons why employees feel comfortable at Alzchem and why the company is perceived in the region as an attractive and interesting employer with good prospects.


Flexible working hours

Alzchem offers family and employee-friendly working hours. Within a set time frame, employees can largely determine the start and end of work themselves.


Attractive remuneration

Alzchem offers adequate remuneration above and beyond the collectively agreed conditions. In addition, there is a profit-sharing scheme with regard to Alzchem's profits. Additional company and social benefits are therefore an integral part of Alzchem's remuneration system.


Health and personal well-being

Alzchem focuses on the well-being of its employees. The health of people is the highest good, which Alzchem already focuses on qua company philosophy. It is therefore particularly important to Alzchem that its employees not only arrive at their workplace in good health, but also leave it healthy and unharmed. The topic of occupational safety plays a particularly important role here. Alzchem also offers programs for healthy nutrition and preventive health care. This is also part of Alzchem's extensive product range. 

Alzchem also offers its employees comprehensive medical care at the Trostberg and Hart sites.


Ideas Management

Ideas that come from employees are expressly welcome at Alzchem. Current challenges can be met efficiently and practically in this way.


Retirement provision 

In addition to appropriate remuneration, models for providing for old age are also important in a society with a high age structure, as is the case in the Federal Republic of Germany. Alzchem therefore offers a company pension plan. It is also possible to maintain a long-term account into which remuneration as well as holidays or time off for retirement can be paid. In this way, employees benefit from Alzchem's working conditions even in retirement. 



Sustainability is also a high priority at Alzchem, which is why the entire fleet of company cars has been converted to hybrid or electric cars. In addition, non-tariff employees have the option of leasing an electric or hybrid car at particularly interesting conditions in the course of deferred compensation.

Furthermore, Alzchem offers all employees free e-charging stations where they can also charge their private electric or hybrid cars.

The job bike has been very well received by employees. Leasing a JobRad reduces social security and tax contributions. In addition, Alzchem covers the costs of comprehensive insurance for the leased bikes.


In-house training and further education

Alzchem promotes the training and further education of its employees. A workforce with the best professional qualifications provides a healthy basis for a flourishing company. Alzchem therefore offers professional training and further education in order to recognize the potential of its employees and to promote it accordingly. Alzchem offers a wide range of further training courses in the areas of leadership, qualification and knowledge and health management. As one of the largest training companies in the Chiemgau and Oberland region, Alzchem guarantees practical framework conditions. A modern training laboratory and training workshops round off this attractive offer. In addition to the possibility of completing parttimestudy, the dual course of study is also very popular with Alzchem employees.  

"From flexible working hours to health care and in-house training and development, we offer our employees a wide range of benefits. We are proud to be able to guarantee these numerous offers as an employer. ", says HR manager Karin Danner. She also emphasized, "As one of the most attractive employers in the region, we are therefore continuously expanding the benefits for our employees."

Do you want to be a part of our team? Here you can find all about the career at Alzchem.

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