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11.08.2022, Alzchem, Renewable energies

Alzchem participates in a BMWi funding project and contributes to the energy transition

Alzchem develops ceramic powders for electromobility

By means of an innovative development within the framework of a project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK), the company is contributing to the energy turnaround. 

For more than 25 years, Alzchem has successfully produced and marketed, a silicon nitride powder "Made in Germany", manufactured by direct nitridation of silicon metal.  

Due to its purity and consistent high quality, Silzot® HQ is mainly used for the production of high-quality technical and high-performance ceramics. The properties of these ceramics are characterized by high strength in wide temperature ranges, good thermal conductivity and high fracture toughness.  

The aim is now, within the framework of a BMWK funding project, to develop an optimized powder variant for the electronics industry and electromobility. The high demands of electromobility include not only the battery as a core component of the electric powertrain, but also energy management - and here, as a central challenge, above all the power electronic assemblies for the drive. This requires so-called metal-ceramic substrates that act as circuit carriers. Alzchem is currently working on powder variants that are specially optimized for this application. 

The aim of the project is also to represent the entire value chain from raw materials to the ready-to-use metal-ceramic substrate in Germany, and to bring a high-quality, competitive end product to market maturity.  

We ACT - with this new powder variant, Alzchem is making a further contribution to greater sustainability.  

Excerpt from the overall project of the BMWK sponsored project:  

In the view of the German government, microelectronics and power electronics represent a central key technology of modern industrial society. In the field of power electronics, Germany has applications and a high level of system competence that must be strengthened by promoting research, development and innovation. Through advances in energy efficiency and the expansion of the value chain in the production of electronic components, Germany as a business location will receive impetus within the framework of this funding project to strengthen its existing value chain, reduce its vulnerability to imports and supply the growing world market with high-quality power semiconductors. On a societal level, the relevance of this project is increased, in which energy and cost savings are achieved through innovative metal-ceramic composites in power semiconductor modules. Even today, the consistent use of semiconductors could save around 30 percent of the electricity consumed worldwide. Innovations to increase efficiency and lifetime, as well as associated cost/benefit benefits, are a major lever to increase the use of renewable energy. In addition, the increased use of power semiconductors in the industrial, automotive and consumer sectors will increase energy efficiency and realize the associated climate protection effects.  

Here you can find more information about Silzot HQ®

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