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14.06.2023, Alzchem, Sustainability, Press release

Transparency in climate protection Alzchem Group AG publishes environmental statement

The Alzchem Group, with sites in Trostberg, Schalchen, Hart and Waldkraiburg, is a global specialty chemicals company whose products are linked to relevant social developments, such as sustainability and climate protection, healthy aging, and also securing the world's food supply in the wake of population growth. For environmental reasons, AlzChem regularly documents, monitors and evaluates the impact of its activities in terms of environmental protection and sustainability and defines goals for improving its environmental performance. The company has drawn up an updated environmental statement for the year 2023, which has been audited according to EMAS aspects by an independent environmental auditor. The updated environmental statement was published on the internet.  

In this way, the company creates transparency regarding its own CO2 footprint. In particular, the reduction of energy consumption, the avoidance or recycling of waste, and the independent reprocessing of process water in the central wastewater treatment plant at the Trostberg site play a central role. Last year, expenditure on environmental protection amounted to around 23 million euros. 


Analysis of the "Water Footprint  

Energy consumption is the main focus of environmental projects at Alzchem, which has firmly anchored the issues of environmental compatibility and sustainability in its strategy. Therefore, one urgent goal is to optimize processes in the manufacture of products in such a way that energy consumption can be steadily reduced.  

In addition, Alzchem started a project to reduce its “water footprint” at the Trostberg site in 2022. 

This involved systematically recording all industrial water consumers, analyzing the individual consumptions and defining measures to reduce them. These include the optimization of control systems and the multiple use of cooling water. In addition to a change in the product mix, this has already helped to reduce the absolute volume of water by around 13% in 2022.  

Furthermore, emission protection, avoidance of waste, and the energy- and raw material-efficient use of resources also play an important role in the Alzchem production network.  It is already a major plus that the company's production processes are predominantly based on electricity instead of crude oil or natural gas: Electricity is the energy of the future and is becoming ever greener as a result of the switch to renewable energies - as are Alzchem's products as a result.   

Detailed information and key figures can be found in Alzchem's Environmental Statement 2023.  

Further information on the environment can be found here

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