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04.08.2022, Alzchem

ACT Summer Workshop

Alzchem animal nutrition networks with the scientific community

In a one-week workshop, colleagues from the Technical Sales and Research team of Alzchem's Animal Nutrition division exchanged ideas with young scientists from the field of animal nutrition and physiology.   

The main aim of the ACT Summer Workshop was to promote networking with the scientific community in this field, thereby strengthening the relevant research and promoting innovative and efficient animal nutrition - with additional positive effects on animal welfare.    

The event was advertised throughout Europe and the 13 best candidates were invited to Trostberg for an intensive one-week workshop, where they were treated to a comprehensive program focusing on the innovative feed additive Creamino®: Creamino® is a formulation containing guanidinoacetic acid, which, as the direct precursor of creatine, optimizes all energy-dependent reactions in the metabolism. On the one hand, this improves feed utilization, and on the other, it also strengthens stress resistance, for example.    

During the workshop, the young scientists first got to know the company and its Creamino® production and then worked on behalf of the Alzchem experts on the given topic: the further development of scientific approaches to creatine metabolism and the potential applications of the solutions developed in production practice in the animal production industry. In addition, the program included a visit to a feed mill and a farm that has recently started using Creamino® successfully. 

The newly established network will be consolidated in follow-up meetings and the scientific exchange will continue. Just like the results of the workshop, the insights gained will also flow into the further development of Creamino® - for the direct benefit of our customers.   

The Animal Nutrition team at Alzchem would like to thank all the helpers who successfully contributed to this intensive week!  

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