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01.09.2022, Alzchem, Personal

A new stage in life: 44 trainees start their careers at Alzchem today

On September 1, 44 young people begin their training at Alzchem, one of the largest trainers in the region. As in previous years, the training quota of nine percent is well above the industry average for the chemical industry.

Trostberg, September 1, 2022. 44 young people start their training at the Trostberg Chemical Park today - nine of them as industrial clerks, six as electronics technicians for industrial engineering, five as industrial mechanics, twelve as chemical technicians, eight as chemical laboratory technicians, two as IT specialists for system integration and two as warehouse logistics specialists. Alzchem offers two of the apprenticeships on behalf of Master Builders Solutions Deutschland GmbH, eight for BASF Construction Additives GmbH at the Trostberg site, and two for ASK Chemicals Metallurgy GmbH in Unterneukirchen as part of the Verbund training program.

Alzchem thus currently has a total of 148 prospective specialists on board, including three dual students. This corresponds to a training ratio of 9 percent - 3.4 percentage points above the average for the chemical industry in Bavaria.

"We are pleased that we are once again able to accompany so many young people as they start their careers this year" says Alzchem Board Member Dr. Georg Weichselbaumer and holds out the prospect of an exciting time: "Alzchem stands for comprehensive, versatile and future-oriented training, which will provide you with an optimum basis for your future career. A warm welcome to our team! "

"Our new slogan 'Discover the versatility of training at Alzchem' is just as fitting for today as it is for what awaits you in the coming months," said Alzchem training manager Peter Lerchner. "My wish for you is that you discover the versatility of training at Alzchem and always remain curious and eager to learn. Only in this way can you develop further in your chosen profession and we as a company grow together." A lot is expected of the young people starting their training today, he adds: they have been carefully selected from a large number of applicants as the most promising talents.

Next come three exciting welcome days for the trainees: Divided into occupational groups, the schedule includes an introduction to the most important computer programs and processes, getting-to-know-you games, and a plant tour. The future specialists will also receive their tablets, which will be used in their daily work.

While the 2022 trainees are taking their first steps into their profession, the application process for the start of training in September 2023 has already begun.

Young people looking for an interesting and varied apprenticeship can submit their application documents until September 20, 2022. Further information on the apprenticeship program is available at www.alzchem.com under the heading "Careers".

Further information about the apprenticeship program

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