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Young career professionals

We are looking for qualifications + character!

We offer attractive, interesting work with lots of self-development opportunity to qualified and motivated employees You should have confidence in your excellent education and your first work experience. We assume you are eager to learn so we hope you will bring lots of questions to us, with the most important aim being to enjoy your work.


High school graduates

So, you are about to graduate from high school and looking forward to starting university?

At AlzChem you will find that the conditions are perfect for putting into practice the knowledge and ideas you have acquired during your studies. We support and develop talented young people – working at AlzChem also means that you can be very specific about how you plan your career right from the very start!  We will help you harness your personal talent as you train in your chosen profession – this is one way in which we make sure our employees attain the highest qualifications possible.

We focus on the following areas:

  • Research and development
  • Production and engineering
  • Business support functions


Chemists and engineers

Graduate chemists normally start in innovation management and determine their own career in production, marketing or in central functions according to their particular talents and achievements.

Engineers may begin as production or EMR engineers in technical services or as production assistants at one of the production facilities. For high school graduates we offer a trainee programming in engineering. We can provide you with further technical training and development at work or in technical institutions in every profession.