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Pupils and students

We connect theory to practice!

At AlzChem pupils and students gain important, valuable insight into the daily business of an SME company. And what do we gain from this? – well, it is a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know clever people with bright and fresh new ideas for the projects and products of the future.

If you are a pupil or student then we can provide you with a wealth of opportunities to build a foundation for your future.



If you are a pupil or a student and you are thinking about your dream job then we can offer you a student internship in a technical, scientific or commercial field. We think it is important that when you are considering training in a particular profession you should have the opportunity to learn all about it firsthand and as early as possible. For more information take a look at the training we offer.

For students we offer an internship in a wide range of different fields. The primary focus is on the technical, scientific and commercial disciplines. And even if you are more interested in other fields then you are very welcome at AlzChem. We can get you involved in ongoing projects so that you can add practical experience to the academic knowledge you have already acquired.

The important thing is to apply as early as possible before the date that you would like to begin.


Bachelors / Masters

What about if you still need to graduate before you can start in your chosen profession?

In that case you should be looking for a company that not only provides you a workplace where you can write up your final thesis but one offers you practical and active support – and this is exactly what we do at AlzChem.

Because we are a company that has an innovative philosophy you will always find cutting-edge subjects and projects suited to help you produce your bachelor's or master's thesis. Nevertheless, if you have other suggestions and ideas we are always ready and willing to listen. Then we can work together to develop an area that you can concentrate on for your final graduation work.