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AlzChem – Good Chemistry

Our home is in Upper Bavaria, but demand comes from all across the globe

We are a larger medium sized company with around 1,630 employees and a lean management. Therefore we can offer a very personal atmosphere to work in and at the same time we are able to act and react quickly and flexibly to all customers' and employees' needs and requests. Each staff member is dedicated to her or his work and this situation gives a major contribution to our company's success and quality.

Our goal at AlzChem is to make sure that we put the right employee with the right qualifications in the right place at the right time.

An additional advantage that makes us a very attractive employer is that we have short and quick ways to make decisions. And we offer a pleasant working environment.


Reliability, fairness, trust, responsibility and quality are the principles we adhere to at our company when we work together and when we work with customers and suppliers.

Working at AlzChem means that you will be making a long-term contribution to the success of an SME company with potential. And it also means that you are a part of a highly motivated workforce that is very proud of the long tradition of the company and keen to help shape the company's future.

What can we offer?

Advantages for our employees

Our company pension scheme is built around a modular system. Employer and employees pay in a monthly sum to the individual components of the scheme. In addition we offer our employees a long-term account into which they can contribute salary, vacation time and partial retirement days.

Flexible working hours for pay-scale employees means that they can determine for themselves within a set working period when they want to begin and stop their working day. They also have the opportunity to offset longer periods of work with correspondingly shorter periods on other days.

Non-pay scale employees can build their working day flexibly based on a working hours honor system.

We need a workforce that is qualified for future developments in order for our company to stay ahead in specialty chemicals.

We can offer you further technical training and development on the job or in technical institutions, for every professional field. We have numerous further training and development opportunities in the area of languages for office communication, personal development etc., to enable you to take a consistent approach to developing your career.

The health of our employees is extremely important to us. So we offer a wide range of opportunities for each employee to individually tailor their own health program based on nutrition, moderate movement and preventative healthcare and other health components.

Our health program "gesund punkten" (improve your health score) helps you stay healthy while having the opportunity to win non-cash prizes. The complete health program consists of three components: Nutrition, movement and preventative healthcare.

Each component also offers individual activities such as spinning, running, healthy back etc., and these also earn health points.

Our canteen and kiosks offer meals/snacks which are prepared so that they comply with the recommendations of the DGE (German Nutrition Society), and which are subsidized by AlzChem at up to 2 euros per day.

We are very keen on receiving ideas from our employees. We want to motivate our staff to continually improve products and processes by actively contributing their ideas. Their ideas promote teamwork, help prevent accidents, improve the environment, put technical progress into action and ultimately improve the profitability of the company.

Suggestions for improvements that have a proven annual benefit can attract a bonus payment equal to as much as 20% of the estimated annual benefit, depending on personal compensation.

Your pay is set according to the collective agreement for the chemicals industry. In addition we offer compensation according to personal performance and particular position or responsibility.

Moreover, our employees receive an annual payment that is dependent on the success of the company. Company and social benefits are fixed components of our compensation system.

An individual accident insurance is taken out for each employee which in the event of a claim will cover both work and private spheres.

Come to work in a place where others go for vacation!

Our headquarters at Trostberg are located in Chiemgau, which boasts some of the finest scenery of any region in Germany. This is where you can enjoy nature, the mountains and lakes, Bavarian culture and conviviality (the famed Bavarian 'Gemuetlichkeit') and at the same time you are close to towns and cities such as Munich and Salzburg.

This highly attractive area is just perfect for hiking and cycling, swimming, sailing, riding and skiing – to name just a few of the leisure time activities available.  Chiemsee Lake, with its very popular islands, and the Chiemgau alps close by together offer a wonderful place to relax and enjoy an excellent quality of life.


Infrastructure for children and young people

Trostberg is situated in a countryside region where children and families are very welcome, and with a high proportion of children in the population. So it is no surprise that there are also lots of playgrounds and football fields, recreational facilities and youth centers close by. All in all then the infrastructure around and about offers a wide range of opportunities for childcare and children's education. Just one example – in Trostberg and Altenmarkt, a neighboring town, there are eight kindergartens in total. Trostberg itself has two elementary schools, a comprehensive school, a secondary modern school and a grammar school. Within a radius of approximately 20 km there are many other grammar schools, technical schools and vocational schools and all sorts of professional training institutes. Further out there are technical universities in Rosenheim (approximately 50 km away), Salzburg (approximately 60 km), and Munich (approximately 100 km), as well as universities in Salzburg and Munich.