GAA as source of creatine
GAA as source of creatine
GAA as source of creatine
GAA as source of creatine


GAA as source of creatine

Creamino® is a patent protected preparation of guanidinoacetic acid (GAA). GAA is the direct endogenous precursor of creatine in the organism of all vertebrates. The body produces GAA from the amino acids glycine and arginine, and creatine from GAA and methionine. Creatine is an essential biomolecule for proper function of energy transfer and supply. Creatine levels in the body can be improved by approx. 20-30 %. In contrast to other nutrients creatine directly reloads ATP for energy supply and prevents formation of reactive oxygen substances in times of high energy demand. Therefore, creatine is of primary importance in places with high energy need, such as skeletal muscle, heart, brain, sperm and immune cells. Creatine is a natural constituent in meat or fish, but does not sustain extensive heat treatment during rendering.

With Creamino®, we supply a unique source of creatine that replaces dietary creatine and spares arginine.

Be part of the 3rd evolution in animal feed!



Guanidinoacetic acid – precursor of creatine fomed from Arginine and Glycine

Creamino® contains formulated Guanidino Acetic Acid (GAA), which is administered to the animals via its feed. Normally the body synthesizes GAA which consumes important nutrients and energy. By taking Creamino® directly supplemented with the feed this step can be skipped. This direct route ensures an optimal supply with creatine. Ingredients, such as arginine, then become available for other processes (arginine sparing). Creamino® improves feed conversion or enables a reduction in the proportion of expensive, energy-rich ingredients (e.g. oil or soya). Further benefits are notably a more robust immune system and therefore a lower mortality rate and increased heat tolerance.



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Guanidinoacetic acid is authorised in Europe as a nutritional feed additive, category amino acids, their salts and analogues (category 3c372). In the US, GAA is authorized as a food additive regulated in the Code of Federal Register under 21CFR 573 496. GAA is approved and in use as well in many countries in Latin America, Russia, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Africa. Not all applications shown below are registered in all countries.

Creamino® Milestones

2003    Project kick-off “Creatine for animals“
2005    Patents filed for GAA formulation and application in animal feed
2009    First approval as a feed additive (in EU), Start of commercial sales
2015    First dedicated plant commissioned
2019    Further dedicated plant will be commissioned (Significant expansion of capacities)

For more than 110 years AlzChem is active in the agrochemical industry. AlzChem knows the requirements of farmers and their markets. For more than 25 years AlzChem is specialist for energy metabolisms in both humans and animals and selling Creatine as a dietary supplement for fitness and health applications. Merging these two competences gave birth to the invention of Creamino® as creatine source for animal nutrition. A fully backwards integrated production gives AlzChem full control of product quality. Two independent productions plants for guanidinoacetic acid (GAA) gives supply security for our customers.

Since January 1st 2019 you can order Creamino® direct from AlzChem, the manufacturer. 


Creamino® is a preparation containing the active ingredient guanidinoacetic acid and starch. Creamino® is a dedicated product for the animal feed industry.

Creamino® is 100 % made in our dedicated facility in Germany. All steps of the manufacturing process are continually monitored and well documented, resulting in consistent and reliable quality.

Creamino® is derived from chemical synthesis in a fully backwards integrated production line. The production of Creamino® is subject to strict quality control. This includes controls for all raw materials, in-process control and packaging.

Product release is organized according to a strict control plan.

Tests for product release and in process controls are performed by our own quality control laboratory, which is accredited to DIN EN ISO IEC 17025.

Limits of contaminants are in accordance with Directive 2002/32/EC on undesirable substances in animal feed.

Creamino® does not contain or come in contact with products of animal origin, genetically modified organisms or hormones.

Creamino® is free of pesticides and radioactivity. 


Compliance with official Feed Regulations

The production of Creamino® is certified by FAMI-QS, an internationally recognized certification body for feed additives and in mutual recognition by the certification body QS Qualität und Sicherheit. Furthermore, audits by our feed control authority, the District Government of Upper Bavaria are performed in regular intervals. The EU regulations 178/2002, which covers basic requirements on food and feed safety, and 183/2005 for feed hygiene are followed. Concepts on HACCP, Feed Defense and Feed Fraud are implemented.

The requirements of the US Food Safety Modernisation Act, especially 21 CFR Part 507, which covers cGMP, hazard analysis, and risk-based preventive controls for food for animals, are fulfilled.

Creamino® is kosher and halal.


Authorized application

The active ingredient in Creamino® is guanidinoacetic acid. Guanidinoacetic acid and the derived granulated preparation, Creamino®, are permissible nutritional feed additives in various countries all over the world. The primal authorization was received in the European Union back in 2009.

The authorized application of Creamino® is subject to country specific legal permission and differs among regions/ countries. The key application in feeds for broiler chicken is globally widespread permitted in countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, USA and Latin America. In several of the countries the use in feeds for additional species, among them turkey or swine is allowed. For details, please contact your regional sales representative.  


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All vertebrates need creatine for their energy metabolism. Omnivores receive a part of it from their nutrition. Creatine is naturally present in meat and fish, however, only trace amounts of creatine are found in fish meal and meat meal. So, creatine is lost on the way from fresh meat to meat meals. Animals respond to this deficiency with low muscle creatine. Today´s feed has lost an essential biomolecule - it has lost creatine. Creamino technology brings back creatine to animal diets....
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