| 2021-04-12
5th Interim report In the period from April 5, 2021 up to and including April 9, 2021, a total of 1.200  shares of AlzChem Group AG were acquired as part of the share buyback program... read more
| 2021-04-09
Organised by, the key news source for the functional food & beverage and dietary supplement industries, the NutraIngredients Awards will be awarded to outstanding ingredients... read more
| 2021-03-30
BREAK-THRU® SP 133 - the additive for organic farming - is now also listed in InfoXgen®, the list of operating resources for organic farming in Austria. In 2021 AlzChem will be able to offer the... read more
| 2021-03-22
Temporary Interruption of Share Repurchase Program Due to its Annual Shareholders Meeting to be held on May 12, 2021 AlzChem Group AG tem-porarily interrupts its share repurchase program as... read more
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| 2021-03-19
Sales increase slightly to EUR 379.3 million (+0.8%) EBITDA rises to EUR 53.8 million (+7.4%) Bonus for employees as a sign of recognition and appreciation Dividend to be increased by 2... read more
| 2021-03-15
4th Interim report In the period from March 8, 2021 up to and including March 12, 2021, a total of 370  shares of AlzChem Group AG were acquired as part of the share buyback program announced... read more
| 2021-03-12
Throughout the whole world, products of AlzChem are established in the steel industry. Starting with the treatment of the molten hot metal exiting the blast furnace along the whole steel production... read more
| 2021-03-05
Paper is a natural and sustainable product. It is made of a renewable raw material and becomes more and more trendy. Tissues, kitchen rolls, paper bags, food boxes, card board packaging, all is based... read more
| 2021-03-01
3rd Interim report In the period from February 22, 2021 up to and including February 26, 2021, a total of 692  shares of AlzChem Group AG were acquired as part of the share buyback... read more
| 2021-02-24
The history of Perlka® in rice begins around 1910 in northern Italy with the first experimental tests executed by the botanical garden of Turin in which the fertilizing efficacy of the product was... read more


2021-04-28 to 2021-04-29
AlzChem is breaking new ground with Creapure® (creatine monohydrate) and will be present for the...
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2021-05-03 to 2021-05-05
​AlzChem is exhibiting at this year's Ceramics Expo in Cleveland, Ohio. Ceramics Expo offers a...
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