Curing Agent DYHARD®

Curing Agents for Thermosetting Epoxy Systems

The DYHARD® product range of curing agents includes a full range of accelerators for use in adhesives, powder coatings, printed circuit boards and composites.



maximum performance

Calcium cyanamide PERLKA®

Calcium cyanamide, one of the EU-authorized fertilizers, is an environmentally friendly, multi-purpose fertiliser.

Healthy plants through
healthy soil


Silicon Nitride Powder is a raw material for technical and structural ceramics giving high strength over a broad temperature range, good thermal conductivity and unusual high fracture toughness.

- built to last


Each of our employees is dedicated to their work, and this approach makes a major contribution to our company's success. Our goal is to make sure that we put the right employee with the right qualifications in the right place at AlzChem at the right time.

- Good Chemistry

Innovation since 1908

AlzChem AG, an INTERNATIONAL CHEMICAL COMPANY, has positioned itself in the world of specialty chemistry with both well established and new products for global markets.


For more than 50 years Japan is well known as a technologically very advanced country and it is not surprising that the technical ceramic and in particular silicon nitride ceramics have a long tradition there. The first significant developments for the technically demanding sintering of silicon nitride ceramics have been done in Germany and Japan. Meanwhile Japan is by far the largest producer of silicon nitride ceramics. Therefore, it was extremely important for AlzChem with its silicon...
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Established for many years, AlzChem has paid another visit to India on the occasion of ChemSpec India 2016. Prior to the show, we experienced the diversity of the country and the enormous distances required to meet customers locally. We supported our local partner Chemet at their booth in many meetings focused particularly around cyanamide, dicyandiamide and nitrile derivatives. Since Indian companies produce many generic versions of world leading drugs, it was no surprise that we again could...
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10.05.2016 to 12.05.2016
AlzChem AG will exhibit at the tradeshow Vitafoods Europe 2016, which will take place in Geneva,...
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01.06.2016 to 02.06.2016
Continuing a longstanding tradition, AlzChem will again be represented in 2016 with its own booth...
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