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Global trend: Triethylsilane for the synthesis of antiviral products

From the group of organosilicon compounds, triethylsilane is used as a reducing agent and for hydrosilylation.

The high product purity of triethylsilane is crucial for the pharmaceutical industry, especially for new developments of highly effective antivirals. An antiviral drug inhibits the multiplication of viruses and therefore is used as a drug in the treatment of infectious diseases caused by viruses.

REACH registered, triethylsilane has been produced in large volumes for over 10 years in Trostberg.

In the production of triethylsilane using the "Grignard reaction", AlzChem relies exclusively on raw materials of European origin and remains independent of non-European sources.

Reduced transport distances allow the joint implementation of a "greener" supply chain. As manufacturer, AlzChem thus makes a sustainable contribution to reducing the CO2 footprint.

Due to the continuing strong demand for triethylsilane and already limited stocks from the last campaign at the end of 2019, AlzChem is planning a further production MADE IN GERMANY this year.

AlzChem stands for availability, reliability and safety – worldwide

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Michaela Hausmann-Hofer

Michaela Hausmann-Hofer